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Mexican Immigration Today

No description

Carly Ortwine

on 6 February 2015

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Transcript of Mexican Immigration Today

The benefits for the country when immigrants settle in American that the Mexicans take low money jobs, therefore, our economy could grow little by little. Also, many of them want to be tourists so we would get the money by touring them to several places.
What are the Benefits for the Country when Immigrants Settle here?
Mexican Immigration Today
By: Carly, Sarah, Noah, and Zakaria
Why do Mexican Immigrate to America?
Mexicans immigrate to American because they come for a better life, better work, and better education.
Challenges Immigrants face on route
Some of the challenges that immigrant face on route is their health, trying to find food, water,and money. Also, immigrants usually get caught before they can get into the country. Immigrants have to
travel for several days and
The Challenges Immigrates Face When They Arrive in the U.S.A
Some challenges Mexicans face when they arrive is there language. Many people do not speak English. Also,they don't have lot of money to live off of to have a good life or future.
Mexican Immigration Today
Benefits for Immigrants when they settle
The benefits of immigrants that settle in America are
they get better education, better hospitals and health care opportunities , and better job opportunities.
Immigrants receive a fresh start on their life. Immigrants will receive a better education that will help them get a better job in the future. Also, they will receive a better health care.
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