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Youth Projects Volunteers

on 15 May 2013

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

Living Legends: Block Printing and Turkish Paper Marbling Project Details Project Number: TR-11-E73-2013-R1
Program : Youth in Action
Action : 1.1 Project
Date of Activity : 17-26 July 2013
Venue : Tokat, TURKEY
Partners : France, Italy, Bulgaria Project Legal Representative:
Umit BAYRAM Participants; •Totally 5 people from each country (over 18-25 and including the group leaders).
•Totally 4 countries (including Turkey) Project Summary: YOUTH PROJECTS VOLUNTEERS Project Team: Tugce GENCTURK
Oguzhan SONMEZ
Burak BAYRAM Project Officer - Contact Person: Elif HALICI Each partners will participate with five participants.
The participants must be keen on studying and researching. Also,they must be art lover.
They must have curious about short film and handicrafts.
These characteristics are important for sustainability of the project effectively. Like in our country, traditional handicrafts have lost out to technology and industry and even some of them have changed or destroyed in our city.

We enable the participitants to improve their hand skill and to create their own production with Block Printing and Turkish Paper Marbling that fights to survive despite all these negative effects. E-mail Address: eu.youthproject@gmail.com Facebook Adress: www.facebook.com/YouthProjectsVolunteers
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