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Nonprofit PR

No description

Samantha McKenzie

on 2 April 2013

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Transcript of Nonprofit PR

Be Careful! What is Nonprofit PR? Nonprofit PR Tessa Wilkes
Nikka Dial
Bryant Bienz
Quentin Boyer
Samantha McKenzie
Shaelynn Dalton
Wing Chun Tina Lam Types of Non-Profit PR Effective Nonprofit PR Advocacy Groups Social Service Organizations How to Communicate They serve the needs of:
Society Include:
Social Service
Charitable Groups
Cultural Groups
Religious Groups "Arguably, the most important public policies we have in the United States have come from nonprofit organizations lobbying for their causes….These achievements may be largely attributed to the strong leadership of
executive directors and board members who knew that direct service alone would not change the flawed or missing public policies that contributed to the problems their organizations were trying to alleviate.”
-David F. Arons, Nonprofit Governance and Management "When nonprofits engage in advocacy and lobbying activities, they can advance their individual missions. They can also fulfill their collective mission of being sanctuaries where Americans gather to serve as champions of the public’s interests."
-National Council of Nonprofits What is a Nonprofit Organization ? The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints Spencer's HeartStrong
Foundation An organization that is not intended to make a profit, especially one set up to provide a public service The Need for Branding Branding for Nonprofit Organizations Value Proposition
Messaging Your brand lives within the minds of your audience
Your brand is the "gut feeling" associated with your organization
Your brand links you to your cause Has many different humanitarian services that they provide
Emergency preparedness
Clean water
Vision care
etc. The need for Social Media First ones on the scene for everything
Katrina Nonprofits are in the relationship business

social media strengthens relationships

Conversations drive conversions. For-profits and Nonprofits Toyota and Meals per Hour Boosts public's perception and companies image Some advocacy groups you may be familiar with... celebrity advocates: rallying public support -Boycotts
-Mass demonstrations
-Reconciliation When your funding comes from your public, it is important to KEEP THEM HAPPY Membership Organizations Membership organizations are composed of individuals and corporate entities with similar business or social interests. The organizations work to improve the well-being of their members. Professional Associations Trade Groups Labor Unions Chambers of Commerce Want to take their principles and apply it in the real world to help improve and better communities - Make an effort to solve conflict * Take action Nonprofit PR practitioners main goal is to communicate their cause to gain support.

If not able to communicate effectively to their publics, they will not be successful * The power of actions * Think about all sides of a decision * Turn the bad into good Nonprofit on a smaller scale

Teaming up with other nonprofits that support the same cause

Promote through Facebook

Hold fundraisers, events, screening, and trainings Particular skill or profession
Work for mutual benefit
Peer pressure
National & International Corporate entities
Work closely with government
Efficient communicators
Mediators Advocates of employees
Work to improve working conditions
Active in political campaigns
Work to improve image Local Business professionals
Community boosters
U.s. Chamber of Commerce & state chambers lobby for & guide local chambers
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