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No description

Rebecca Harrison

on 23 August 2011

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Transcript of iziWasha

the clothes washer you can afford People: 4 million women by 2015 Planet: major water savings Profit: empowering women the clothes washer you can afford cheaper than a machine, easier than hands Concept: a simple,affordable manual clothes washing device for... Market 9 million South African households $100 million Consumer VP
Saves time
Easy to use
No back pain
No skin problems/arthritis
Durable (2 years)
Saves water and electricity Metro Aspirer:
Ntabiseng Rural Provider:
Zandile what about the competition? What do our customers say? 2,000 units sold
iziWasha or $10? iziWasha please! Pilots with key retailer But it's so easy to copy! IP+Eco-system+brand+experience=... Barrier to entry! Marketing Strategy Grassroots: Community ambassadors Taxi-TV? Demos demos everywhere... In-store, at the tap, at the river, on the trains, in the mall PR
The Guardian (UK)
Talk Radio 702
eNews (TV)
Entrepreneur Magazine
German print media
Sustainability blogs What's the PROBLEM?
Who? No emerging market competitors Business model 'Spaza' stores (via wholesalers) Team CEO: Rebecca Guru: Shane Finance: Lebo Financials Social Impact Risk & Rollout S/E ROI: $1 = $446 IP $1,500,000 for 26% stake The Offer? iziWasha or cash equivalent? Volume (+20,000/month)
$11 (excl VAT) Margin
$12 (excl VAT)
Payment days, terms
7,000 units/month Women Water 'Frugal engineering' Summary
Affordable alternative to hand washing

S/E ROI 45,000%

Way ahead: iziLife range, global social enterprise IRR: 66% over 5 yrs People: 24 million women 43 mln kilolitres of water 2.7bln hours=$3.8 bln
$9.6 mln to brand ambassadors Household chores=wasted time and money Wasted water
River pollution

Time Money Community Environmental VP

Reduced water usage
Reduced pollution
Less detergent It's a concept not just a product. But... 5 billion people 'below the wash line' 5 billion people
1.25 bln households 200 million HH 200 million HH Rocket Scientist: Wimpie $10 Where next?
iziLife: improving lives sustainably No more housework! Global social enterprise Social VP iziLife: improving lives sustainably
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