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Avengers Mini Bites

The Avengers Cereal Experience

Alex Lewis

on 20 November 2012

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Transcript of Avengers Mini Bites

The Avengers Mini Bites is the new,
and only Avengers cereal experience! The Avengers Mini Bites! The Avengers Mini Bites Advertising and
Promotion The Avengers Mini Bites is an oatmeal, honey
and wheat based product in the shape of
key Avengers Assemble characters and symbols. Honey Nut Cheerios is the 3rd top selling children's cereal and maintains much of the same health appeal of the original Cheerios, due to its soluble fiber. There are three grams of soluble fiber daily from whole grain oat foods, like Honey Nut Cheerios, in a diet low in saturated fat and cholesterol, may reduce the risk of heart disease, appealing to the health conscious demographic and the honey maintains a great taste. Market Research Market Research Questionnaire: Our main methods of promotion and advertisements include: Kellog's Raisin Bran is the top selling children's cereal in the US, It is known as a classic cereal containing wheat bran flakes and raisins, making it a healthy kid's alternative. Market Research The Avengers mini bites packaging, is designed to be fun and engaging, whilst keeping to the theme of the Avengers. It features the bellow whilst having fun activities such as word searches and character cards to cut out on the back. A sample of the packaging is shown bellow and a miniature hand out is coming around now. Lastly our cereal boxes will contain prizes, as it appeals to a child's playful side and the questionnaire showed that many people thought it was a good idea. Packaging The product will be sold in the leading supermarkets as it will
appeal to a wider audience, because as implied by "leading supermarket" more people go there, therefore giving more sales opportunities.

We will also likely sell it at small corner shops such as Co-op, Londis and Spar, the reason for this is that many people buy food there last minute or people that are not as mobile. Where We will sell the Product The main USP of The Avengers Mini
Bites is the fact that there is no other
cereal based on the highly successful
Avengers franchise. But another key factor
That will draw children in is the miniature action figures and character cards that will be held within the box. Cheerios is the number 2 top selling childrens'
cereal, however it is also the top selling
cereal in the US as it appeals to all age
ranges. It consists of Whole Grain Oats and
sugar, making is taste good but also healthy.
Due to the health craze in the recent years it
also advertises itself as healthy breakfast
alternatives. Pricing We looked at a number of cereal prices in Waitrose, Tesco and Sainsbury's and the majority of cereals are priced from around £1.30- £2.50. We have decided to sell ours at £2.00 as it is around the middle market and our mini action figures would raise the cost of production meaning we can't go right for the bottom. Also our cereal's USP should get the original sales moving. 4th top selling children's cereal is Weetabix, which is unusual in the fact that it promotes changing the flavour through personal taste. Another selling point of Weetabix is its high fibre content and low sugar levels. The name Avengers Mini Bites, spawned from our desire to make a kids' cereal hence "Mini Bites" implying it is specifically designed for children. The Avengers Mini Bites Design We have decided to make it an oatmeal, wheat and honey based product as it will make the shapes not only easier to mould, but also making it a healthy and tasty breakfast alternative, keeping us at an advantage with those we will be in competition with. The nutritional value of our product will consist of quite low sugar levels, but not artificial sugars, we will use honey. Which is known to have health benefits. While the Oats and Wheat will make it high in fibre, which is lacking in many people's diets. Finally we decided upon our product design and theme based on the success of the Avengers Franchise and the appeal super heroes have on our chosen demographic, 7-12 year olds. TV Advertisements on high traffic channels, with a
demographic of 7-12 year olds such as Cartoon Network and CBBC. Online advertisements on websites such
as Club Penguin and Disney.com. Self promotion through packaging and
the in box prizes. Adverts during trailer periods in kids movies. Sponsoring kids programs and charity
events such as Red Nose Day and
Children in Need Product promotion by the actors themselves (Robert Downey Jr, Chris Hemsworth and Tom Hiddleston) Through researching the most popular childrens' cereals we
have found that the majority of these competitors are
not only healthy but flavoursome, showing that clearly
health is important towards the sales of a cereal brand, as
although children would prefer the less healthy alternatives
the parents care. Advertising and
Promotion An example of an advert by Christie Gardner
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