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5 Seconds Of Summer

No description

ellie castrejon

on 11 September 2013

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Transcript of 5 Seconds Of Summer

5 Seconds Of Summer
Artist Spotlight
By:Ellie Castrejon

Who are this 4 cuties??
Luke Hemmings,MichealClifford,Calum Hood,Ashton Irwin all started
5 Seconds of Summer
in July 2011,in Sydney,Australia.It all started with Luke(hemmo1996) posting videos on youtube ,later on Calum and Micheal joined in the band.For their first gig they were joinded by drummer Ashton.They realesed their first EP ,unplugged,in June,26,2012.songs like Gotta get out and Too late
They did a cover of ''year 3000''by Busted...
Luke Hemmings
17 year old Lucas Robert Hemmings was born in July,16,1996.In the band he does the lead vocals and also plays guitar.Lukes first
video was uploaded in Feb.3rd 2011.He has a strange love for
in all the band.
Calum Hood;)
Calum Thomas Hood is the bass guiar and vocal in the band.He is NOT asian he is kiwi and scottish...!!Also what he really dislikes is salt and viniger chips.He claims himself as a dog lover. :)
Micheal Clifford
Micheal Gordon Clifford was born in November,20,1995.In the band he does vocals and plays the guitar.He came up with 5SOS for the band.And he has a wierd upssesion for girls.
Ashton Irwin
Ashton Irwin is the oldest in the band.He plays the drums in the bands.When he was 8 he got his 1st drums.He said if they werent called 5SOS they would be Bromance.
5SOS is a really great band in my opinion...Iam not really into rock but their music is amazing its pop/rock type..
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