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Peter Lalor

No description

james almeida

on 1 December 2013

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Transcript of Peter Lalor

Why Peter came to Australia
Contribution to Catholic Community
He was the leader of a group of miners who rebelled against the British authorities. this rebellion was called the Eureka stockade.
The stockade was made up mainly of Catholics, especially Irish. This is because the Irish Catholics felt like the British were always taking advantage of them. In Ireland and now Australia.
Once he was a politician, he would have brought many ideas to the government based on Catholic beliefs. He also made an example for other Catholics to go for parliament to have their say.
Living and Working Conditions
Peter Lalor started his working life in Melbourne as a worker on a railway line.
He then moved to Ballarat after he heard about the gold rush and became a miner.
After the Eureka Stockade, he became a politician.
The whole stockade started as a result of the fact that the miners were not happy with the British authorities. This suggests poor working conditions.
Indigenous Interaction
Peter Lalor has no recorded Indigenous interaction due to him living in the village of Ballarat where there were very few Indignous Australians.
Peter Lalor
Peter Lalor Himself
Peter Lalor was born in Raheen, county Laois, Ireland, on the 5th of February in 1827
He died on the 9th of February 1889.
He studied civil engineering at Trinity College, Dublin.
Peter migrated to Australia in 1852 and lived in Melbourne, working on the Melbourne-Geelong railway line.
He resigned to go to the gold rush.
Here he lead a rebellion made up mainly of Catholics against the authorities because the miners felt that the British were taking advantage of them, just like in Ireland.
After the Stockade, Peter became a politician and was elected to the Victorian Legislative Council in 1855 as member for Ballarat.
Peter came to Australia because the British authorities were taking over life in Ireland.
There were more opportunities in Australia for Peter.
He came with his brother, as an alternative to going to North America to fight in the civil war alongside two of his other brothers.
The Eureka Stockade
The Southern Cross
Symbol of the Rebels
A Shop in the old Ballarat
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