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Medal of Honor

No description

lib hist

on 30 August 2016

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Transcript of Medal of Honor

Medal of Honor
Many of soldiers have reacieved the medal of honor for showing great courage, patrotism, honor, and valor. William Harvey was the first African American that won the Medal of Honor. Mary Edwards was the first women that won the Medal of Honor. Sammy Davis is an american who served in the U.S. Army during the Vietnam War. Lucian Adams was a U.S. army soldier during WWII.
Sammy Davis
Sammy Davis was awarded the Nations highest military Medal of Honor. His gallantry was in action at the risk of his life and beyond the Call of Duty. He wanted to become a soldier when he was youger when watching a soldier on tv get the Medal of Honor. Mr. Davis when he was tired and shot went and made a raft out of his mattress to go get his injurded brothers across the river. He also volentured to fight in WWII. To conclude Sammy Davis is a devoted soldier.
Mary Edwards
Mary Edwards was the first women to receive a Medal of Honor. She was granted with the Medal of Honor for her "untiring efforts" and her "devotion and patriotic zeal to sick and wounded soldiers both in the feild and in the hospitals to thetriment for her own health."She was an american feminist, abolitionist, prohibionist, alleged, spy, prisoner of war and a surgeon. To conclude Mary Edwards was a honorable women.
Carolyn and Jariely's Medal of Honor
Lucian Adams
Lucian Adams was a very strong and brave soldier who recieved the Medal of Honor single-handedly destroying enemy machine gun emploments to re-establish supply lines to U.S. companies. He was a United States soldier for the WWII. He killed nine german soldiers by himself in the war. He made two enimies surrender by himself also. He has also received the Purple Heart and Bronze Star for his heroic actions in Italy. He took cover during WWII and went tree to tree moving straight through the enemy fire and killed the first gunner with a gernade. He killed a german who came out of a foxhole with fire BAR. Then killed another gunner with another gernade. Lucian Adams was a heroic and courageous soldier.
William Harvey Carney
William Harvey Carney was an African American soldier who fought in the American Civil War. He recieved the Medal of Honor because of his gallantry during the Battle of Fort Wagner in 1863. He is the first African American to be given the Medal of Honor. He was a slave in Norfolk, Virginia and escaped through the Underground Railroad and went to his father in Massachusetts. The rest of his family members were freed by death of their master or were purchased. In the attack on Fort Wagner his actions were what got him the Medal of Honor. When the army's color guard was wounded he took the American flag and marched forward with it even though he was wounded. Mr. Harvey was a very powerful and brave.
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