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My Vision Board

No description

Clara Tang

on 23 September 2013

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Transcript of My Vision Board

My Personal Health
+ Positive Health Choices?
8 hours of sleep/per day
NO to drugs/alcohol/smoking
healthy diet
regular physic exercise
Nutritional Habits?
eat accordingly to the Canadian Food Guide
make healthy food choices (no junk food! yes to veggies&fruits!)
drink lots of water/liquid
limit consumption of high sugar&salt foods
to eat wholesome, non processed and non heated foods
Regular Exercise Routine?
run/swim 2x a week
1 hour of brisk walking/day
walk to destinations (eg. school)
Emotional Health Management?
exercise to ease stress
listen to music to have a clear mind
give myself a treat (eg. food. breaks)
distracting myself with chores or homework from " over worrying "
slow, deep breathing
share my feelings and emotions with a close friend
Community Connections
Academic Skills?
computer skills
communication skills
working with others
problem solving
Work/Volunteer Experience?
The Gulf of Georgia Cannery Society
summer camps
supervising during church
school store as a cashier
making posters for school clubs
library monitor
no work experience
Extra-curricular Activities?
~ Volunteer Work:
summer camps (library, community centers, church)
library monitor
~ Band
~ Yearbook
~ Hobbies:
piano, badminton, drawing, photography, graphic editing
Personal Management Skills?
organized (eg. planners)
open-minded and flexible
create short and long term goals
contribute to my community (eg. volunteer work)
good financial skills
Teamwork Skills?
as a leader, guide and encourage team members towards the group's goal
support/respect others
mutual trust
individual responsibility and accountability
problem solve together ; participation
sharing & listening
Employability Skills?
great communication skills (eg. listen, write, and speak effectively)
computer literate
teamwork ; work well with others
honest & responsible & punctual
confident & enthusiastic
hardworking & dedicated & fast learner
Career & Life
Financial Support&Funding
Community Connections
Life Goals
to be married before 30
have two children
have good health when I become old
live in an apartment/town house
earn a good living
have a good education
own a car
my parents have kept aside some money for my post secondary education
however, I will get a job to start saving too to lessen my parent's responsibility
research about available scholarships
Career Goals
Learning Goals
Post Secondary Planning
achieve honour roll every report card
at least 2 A's and 2 B's each semester
to receive scholarships
to receive a subject award
How Will I Support My Career/Life/Learning Goals?
doing well in school (taking notes, participating in class, finishing hw)
by learning subjects and volunteering at places that relate to my career goals (eg. tutoring -> teaching)
getting education/experience that will get me a good paying job, which will support my life goals
I want to study at UBC or Kwantlen or HKU or BCIT
Areas I am interested in studying and/or pursuing a career in:
teaching (elementary or secondary)
graphic/interior designing
hair designing
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