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No description

Regaah R

on 15 June 2013

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Transcript of Cancer

Personal Actions:
The highlighted parts from the ES indicate a high chance of receiving cancer. Ultra violet is known for causing skin cancer. From the Ultra violet to the Gamma Ray would be considered as the most dangerous in the ES.
By: Regaah R.
Electromagnetic spectrum
The Excessive Effects Of

Among Us!
There are many screening tests to help find some types of cancer before any symptoms.
- Better survival rates and quality of life
Canadian Public Health Strategy:
- Sometimes false positive/ negative results
- Over-diagnosis and Increased exposure to harmful procedures
Canadian cancer society says cancer can be prevented through healthy lifestyle choices
Society targeted $4.4 million for prevention and risk reduction research.
determines what the organism is like, its appearance, how it survives, and how it behaves in its environment
provides a recipe for making our bodies proteins
How does a cell become cancerous?
The Healthy cells gradually changes when the genes from our body can no longer do its job. When there is damage between the genes that control cell growth, division and life span, the cell begins to grow and multiply.
When the cell grows to the point where it is huge, it won't be able to take in or give off any nutrients. The numerous of cells may become immortal and be able to escape from any cells that protect our body.
Then the cells may be able to develop their own blood supply and invade the rest of the body which then causes cancer.
Examples of how damages can occur between the genes:
Inherited genetically
Exposure to any radiation such as UV rays (sun), X-rays, gamma rays etc.
Chemicals from smoking or any types of food that we eat
Radiation Therapy
Radiation is an optical device that is mainly used for cancer treatment to destroy cancer cells
How it works:
It damages the cancer cells enough for the tumor to shrink and not be able to grow and divide anymore. Overtime the cells die and are broken down and eliminated by the body’s natural process.
Side Effects:
There can be short term and long term side effects such as skin irritation and damage at regions exposed to the radiation beams. However, when the treatment is occurring, the radiation needs to be given in a low dose which reduces the efficiency of having/getting any side effects.
Canadian Statistics/Data:
2013 estimated data from the Canadian cancer Society
The canadian Cancer Society estimates that in 2013:
96,200 Canadian men will be diagnosed with cancer

91,400 Canadian women will be diagnosed with cancer
In the David Suzuki foundation, it states:
80-90% of cancers can be attributed to environmental factors
These factors can increase the risk of cancer
Don't use Tobacco
Eat Healthy
Be physically active
Put sunscreen and be careful around any UV rays
National Strategies:
Local Strategies:
Provincial Strategies:
people can donate for the cancer treatment
Having organizations across the world
a lot information on what cancer is and how to prevent it
has support services for people who are going through cancer
Can cause lung cancer
Limit fat, eat plenty of fruits and vegetables and try not to eat left over food that can be contaminated
Control your weight and it might lower the risk of various types of cancer
UV rays can cause cancer especially sun rays which can cause skin cancer
There are marathons that go on across the world to help raise funds for cancer
In October it is breast cancer awareness month which a pink ribbon is represented
Cancer care Ontario
funding money for cancer research, hospitals and treatment
helps improve disease prevention and screening
schools helping to raise funds for cancer research

participating in events related to cancer (ex. breast cancer awareness month

spreading awareness across our community

donating to organizations
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