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No description

Jaycee Townsend

on 22 April 2015

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Transcript of Cleopatra

Weaknesses Continued...
3. Life
Cleopatra caused war fare for the people of Egypt by bringing things to Egypt that weren't necessary For Example: She brought some grasshoppers into Egypt and they caused the disease Anoya
Suffered from sickness Anoya and could not help herself
Never ended up with men because she was annoying and couldn't power Egypt
Also she was not and Egyptian
How She Was a Good Leader
Family ruled over Egypt for 300 years
Lost control of Egypt regained it then nearly lost it again
Last Pharaoh in Egypt
Was known for being very persuasive by using her beauty and gender
Effects on Egyptian life and Culture
Strengths Continued...
2. Leadership
Very brilliant dreamed of greater kingdom
turned Egypt into the worlds most powerful and wealthiest civilizations
Ruled for 21 years
Last, effectively ruling Pharaoh
Family ruled for over 300 years
Female ruler in time of male rulers
Had the power to control what came in and out of Egypt
Controlled what went on in Egypt
1. Education
Never completed goals that she said she would hold up to
Bad influence on young children of Egypt
Strengths of Cleopatra
1. Education
Studied many things:philosophy, literature, art, music, medicine
Knew 6 other languages:Aramaic, Egyptian, Ethiopian, Greek, Hebrew, Latin
Boosted Egyptian economy
Strengths Continued...
Worshiped as god
Reigned from 51-30 B.C.
Came into power at age of 17
Her beauty and influence of words influenced Julius Caesar to support her
Weaknesses Continued...
2. Leadership
Annoyed tons of people and nobody liked her
Weak and was not able to rule to rule as a Pharoah
Weak to power the people of Egypt and did not have very good advice for people
She was a shameless tempress
Took the throne at a very young age
Linked Rome and Egypt by falling in love with Julius Caesar
Persuaded Rome to not take total control of Egypt
Stop the Greeks from envading Egypt then made them bow down from trying to take control of the world
Developed trades with Arab nation
Convinced Mark Atony not to envade Egypt
Effects on Egyptian Life and Culture
What we use today that Cleopatra used
People that hold a top power persuade people when they want something done or want something to happen just like Cleopatra.
Fun Facts!!!!
Her eye makeup was thought to ward off infections
She had her half-sister killed to ensure that no one would be able to threaten her status and power
She wasn't Egyptian
Cleopatra's father died when she was 18 and he left the throne to her and her brother
Cleopatra died August 30th 30 B.C .
She was born 69 B.C.
Cleopatra killed 2 of her siblings
She had 4 children but only 1 survived to adulthood
Her real name was Cleopatra VII Thea Philopator
Her mom, sister, daughter, and herself were all named Cleopatra
She wasn't Eygptian. She was Macedonian
Cleopatra's Love Life
At first she married her 10 year old brother Ptolemy the eighth
Then she fell in love with Julius Ceaser
Then she had a kid with Julius Ceaser named Ceasarion
Then she persuaded Marc Atony to fall in love with her
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This is Ceaserion Cleopatra's son
Marc Atony
Julius Ceaser
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Eye Makeup
Cleopatra's daughter
Cleopatra's Mom
A statue of Cleopatra
Egyptian Money
Egyptian literature
Egyptian Art
Egyptian Medicine
A Painting of Cleopatra
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