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The Invisible Man Presentation

The Invisible Man by H.G. Wells Presented by Sarina Rahman

Sarina Rahman

on 13 May 2013

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Transcript of The Invisible Man Presentation

Presentation by:
Sarina Rahman • Herbert George Wells
• Born on September 21, 1866
• 4th and final child in his family
• Father - shopkeeper and cricket player
• Mother - former domestic servant
• Started reading to pass time while bedridden with broken leg
• Teacher at Henly House School
• Married his cousin in 1891-- got divorced in 1894
• Married one of his students
• Writing career started in 1895
• Died August 19, 1946 Presentation by:
Sarina Rahman About the author: H.G. Wells Characters Griffin •The "Invisible Man"
• Scientist (Optical Density)
• Made an invisibility formula
• Albino
• Psychopath
• Couldn't undo his invisibility Dr. Kemp • Scientist
• Lives in Port Burdock
• Acquaintance of Griffin
• Turns Griffin into the police Jenny Hall • Wife of Mr. Hall
• Owns "Coach and Horses Inn" in
• Friendly/Social
• Doesn't like how Griffin wouldn't
talk to her/his temper tantrums George Hall • Husband of Mrs. Hall
• Helps run "Coach and Horses Inn"
• First to suspect Griffin is invisible Thomas Marvel • Homeless
• Forced to be Griffin's henchman
• Required to carry Griffin's books
and money
• Becomes afraid of Griffin and flees
to police aid with the books and
• Eventually uses the money to open
an inn named "The Invisible Man"
inspired by Griffin Colonel Adye • Chief of police in Port Burdock
• Got called by Dr. Kemp to take
• Saves Kemp from Griffin's first
attempt at killing him
• Leads hunt for Griffin
• Gets shot by Griffin Dr. Cuss • Interrogates Griffin in Iping
• Asks Griffin for a donation to the
nurse's fund
• Get's scared away when Griffin
pinches his nose with invisible hand
• Immediately goes to see Rev. Bunting
• Take's Griffin's notebooks but then
Thomas retrieves them
• Had his trousers stolen J. A. Jaffers • Constable of Iping
• Called by the Hall's to arrest Griffin
after suspecting him to have robbed
Rev. Bunting
• Griffin knocks him unconscious while
fleeing from Iping Reverend Mr. Bunting • Vicar in Iping
• Doesn't believe that Griffin is invisible
• Took Griffin's notebook with Cuss
• Had all his clothes stolen by Griffin Plot A man enters the small town of Iping and stays at "Coach and Horses Inn". He secludes himself in his room and is always covering all parts of his body. People in town start becoming suspicious of him and eventually find out he is invisible. So, the man flees and looks for a hideout somewhere else. Along the way, he meets a tramp and decides to make him gather all of the belongings the man left at the inn. The tramp then runs away with the invisible man's things and finds refuge with the police. The invisible man wanted to get revenge but had to stay away from the police. He was then greeted by an old colleague of his and enters his home in Port Burdock. He then explains what happened to him and wanted his friend to help him but the man already called the police to arrest him and sentence him to death. The invisible man then flees thus causing a huge cat and mouse chase. What happens next? Read to find out! SONG- "The Invisible Man" by Queen VIDEO COSTUME
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