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2013 Bag of Holding

About Bag of Holding on the Geektastics.


on 10 January 2013

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Transcript of 2013 Bag of Holding

Howdy! Hi! I'm Rhianna and I write
Bag of Holding
for the Geektastics. Bag of Holding takes different things like... KIDS BOOKS DISNEY CRAFTS GUESTS "STUFF" ...and converts them... TV MOVIES EVENTS SEWING FIELD TRIPS PARENTING GAMING INTERVIEWS Welcome!
Use the directional buttons below to discover what Bag of Holding is all about! ...via a high tech über robot, named "Robot," into... Bag of Holding Features: Guest Posts Include...
Ramblings Annual Highlights Include...
the 2013 Zombie Apocalypse guide
National Novel Writing Month
The Just Between Friends Sale
Giveaways Event Spotlights Include...
RomCon June 20-23
Denver Comic Con May 13 - June 2
Colorado Renaissance Festival June 15 - August 3 Thanks and don't forget to check out the rest of the Geektastics!

http://thegeektastics.com/ 2013 Bag of Holding
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