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Marketing Presentation: 4P's Analysis

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Sam Hue On

on 10 October 2014

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Transcript of Marketing Presentation: 4P's Analysis

Our early ancestors spent the majority of their waking hours searching for food- hunting wild herds of game and searching for edible plants and roots.
SUBWAY's information
Subway history
Subway products
Current Target Customer
Level of Product
Brand Development
Sandwiches: 45,000VND - 95,000VND
Desserts and Drinks: 20,000VND - 25,000VND
Hamburgers: 19,000VND - 50,000VND
Hamburgers: 15,000VND - 40,000VND
=> Market Skimming Pricing
New-product Pricing Strategy
Product Mix-Pricing Strategy
Product Line Pricing
Optional Product Pricing
Age: 18 - 50.
Many combos => Save customers' money.
High initial prices.
Founded in Connecticut, USA in 1965 by Fred DeLuca
Has reached 37,000 locations in 87 countries
Well–known for “made-to-order sandwiches and salads”
Have sufficient nutrition provided with a variety of vegetables
Prices are still high despite combos and discounts.
Adapted from http://www.numbeo.com/cost-of-living/country_result.jsp?country=Vietnam
Le Duan, D1 - ground floor of Kumho building
Subway’s hotline (08)3914 3333
Online order: free delivery to home/office at all HCMC: http://chonmon.vn/subway, foodpanda.vn

Channel Design Decisions - Exclusive Distribution
+ 4 outlets in HCMC are owned and managed by one manager
3 outlets in District 1 and one outlet in RMIT in District 7.
Ho Tung Mau, D1
Nguyen Van Linh - RMIT, D7
Pham Ngu Lao, D1
Le Duan - ground floor in Kumho building, D1
Vertical marketing systems (VMS) - Contractual marketing systems through franchise.
+ Cost $100,000 (Huong S, 2011).

+ The International Food and Beverage Alliance (IFBA) brings Subway to Vietnam.
Product Life-cycle

"Make it a Meal" - 35,000VND
2X Footlong - 50,000VND
Product Bundle Pricing
Price Adjustment Strategy
Segmented Pricing
Brand Equity

According to Subway n.d. :
Subway has not participated in stock market. (vietnamplus 2011)
New brand in Vietnam => advantages and challenges.
Sales Promotion
1. Premiums
Premiums with great benefits attract a large number of customers.
Reduce snacks abundance.
2. Coupons
The vouchers are sold out fast.
Help maintain current customers and gain more potential customers.
3.Patronage rewards
Encouraging purchases and customers' loyalty
4. POP Display
POP displays help increase brand awareness and customers' attention
5. Sweepstakes
6. Games and Contest
Build up good relationship with current cutomers.
Mimo is not well-known => a waste of money for Subway.
Motivating people to visit Subway Facebook , enhance brand awareness and customers' positive thoughts towards Subway.
Located in advantageous area => Subway has potential customers.
Not widely distribute and medium number of delivery staff => do not deliver sufficient convenience for customers.
Special events
Public Relations
Social networking
Public service activities
Corporate identity materials
Mobile tour marketing
News: diverse Subway's advertising articles on printed magazines and online websites
Social networking: Many followers on Facebook.
Special events: attract many participants.
Mobile tour marketing: attract many people and journalists.
Corporate identity materials: recognizable brand in logo, uniform and business card.
Public service activity: attract many participants.

Internet: Poor design of Subway's website and its official fan page.
Many healthy products.
Marketing Objectives:
Increase brand awareness and reputation by 50%.
20% discount for the customers who have:
ANZ signature priority banking platinum
ANZ visa platinum (Khuyenmaivang 2013)
Make salads by yourself
Direct channel - no intermediaries.
To Nhat Huy - s3426368
Sam Hue On - s3425469
Duong Khanh Nhu - s3410181
Dang Yen Nhi - s3426382
Lam Hai Trieu - s3426215

Jis Kuruvilla
- Broadcast:
+ Have video clip on " How to desgin a submarine" on Subway Vietnam Youtube Channel - only had nearly 400 views after uploading on 3/1/2013

- Print :
+ Printed promotion posters in Subway stores

- Internet:
+ -Many websites wrote about Subway Vietnam - Kenh 14,Vnexpress.net, Ngoisao.net, Thanhnien.com.vn, Anyareana, Zing.vn,etc
+ Facebook : Great way to advertise Subway and its promotion - over 62,000 followers on Facebook.

- Outdoor
+ No outdoor billboards yet

Career Week Day
International Flea Market
Ineffective display to catch customers' attention.
Those who live in urban areas and have middle income (VietNamNet Bridge 2012).
Foreigners and teenagers who are active, interested in Western cuisines .
Diet People.
People who get concerned about freshness and nutrition.
Line extension
Low brand equity.
No healthy beverages.
All the sandwiches are made in front of the customers with hygiene.
Free choices of vegetables.
Various products and prices.
Good common sense. For ex: lower prices of sandwiches in VN, cookies and chips at RMIT Subway (Karunaratne 2013)
Collaborate with Pepsico and Lotte => Good business relationship => 'Positive relationships are the key to success in business' (Valine C 2001).
Toppings abundance.
I. Introduction
II. Current analysis
1. Target customers
2. 4P's analysis
a. Product
b. Price
c. Place
d. Promotion
III. Marketing Objectives
IV. Recommendations
V. Conlusion
Internet distribution - make products available for customers nationally at low costs.
Independent order website among 4 outlets => hard for customers to choose which websites to order.
Increase Subway website visits.
Increase Facebook followers by 20% and activities to warm up Facebook page of Subway.
Open 4 more outlets (Karunaratne 2013)
Accelerate advertising and PR activities to change people's awareness of paying for the products instead of the brand.
Continue sponsoring Vietnam University Games.
Continue collaborating with Hotdeal.vn, nhommua.com and muachung.com.
Collaborate with Vinamilk to enrich the goods, which are nutritional drinks such as fruit juice, fresh milk, yogurt and ice-cream
Increase brand equity through promotion activities.
More food on each combo. For ex: a platter of salad without toppings.
Set specific time for "Sub of the day" 50,000VND. For ex: the program is applied from 8 am to 2 pm.
Create an official website for Subway instead of each separated one for each outlet.
Open outlets in supermarkets and shopping malls such as Vincom, Cresent Mall and Parkson.
Expand Subway outlets in District 5, district 3 and district 10.
- Offering free tickets for first 100 customers ( RMIT Subway - May/ June/ July )
- Buy a Sub and a Drink get a free cookie - Happy Women's Day
- "Buy sandwiches get free gifts" - Apply in March
- Continue Business Card Drawing ( January) - Apply in 3 stores in District 1
- Create TV commercial: play it on Taxi Mai Linh/ Cali Wow/ Fitness Center , upload on Youtube/ official Facebook.
- Display posters in RMIT campus announcement board / Cali wow or Fitness Center
- Continue to give Rewards Card ( 1 point for each visit )
- Coupon discount vouchers " Happy Valentine's Day" are printed on magazines ( Tiep thi gia dinh & 2! ) - Not apply for Wow 39.000 / Sub of a day
- Display outdoor billboards on Nguyen Van Cu bridge/ Nguyen Trai roundabout/ district 1 / district 3/ district 4 ( Nguyen Tat Thanh St)
+Low brand equity
+ Line extension
+ New-product pricing: Market skimming pricing
+ Marketing mix pricing: product line, optional and product bundle pricing
+ Price-adjustment pricing: discount, segmented and psychological pricing.
+ Vertical marketing system (VMS)
+ Exlusive distribution system
+ Sales promotion
+ Advertising
+ Public relations
Mc Donalds' will penetrate to Vietnam market next year ( Vu K and Nguyen M 2013), so Subway needs to set specific and strategic plans for the next year.
Course Name
Marketing Principles - MKTG1205

Reference List
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VI. References
Subway has conducted a significant and effective strategies in 4P's, which positively helps Subway to:
Keep existing customers and attract more potential customers.
Boost sales and get more returns.
Increase brand awareness and Subway's popularity.
Expand its outlets nationally.
Diversify product types.
- Continue to work with online news and collaborate with Hotdeal, Muachung, Nhommua to sell coupons discounts
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