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Is that Bieber Fever?

Dr. Bieber please cure my Fever

Liuba Carrera

on 3 August 2012

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Transcript of Is that Bieber Fever?

We all have heard the name of that boy.. everywhere at anytime.. But all you want to know is WHO IS JUSTIN BIEBER? Where does he came from? How did he get so much fame if he was just a poor child of Canada? Everybody makes that question.. Who exactly is JUSTIN BIEBER? His name is Justin Drew Bieber Mallete. He was born 1th March of 1994 at 12:56 am in Stratford Ontario Canada. His parents are Pattie Lynn Mallete and Jeremy Jack Bieber. They divorced when Justin was only 10 months of age. Their divorce affected him so much. Her mother raised him as a single mother, but he always had contact with his father. Justin always loved music, since he was only 2 years old he started to play so well instruments like drums, piano , guitar and trumpet, without classes because Pattie had no money. And when he was the age of 12, he decided to enter to a local singing competition of Stratford called Stratford Idol. And he finished in second place. I really love this boy.. And I can say that I am a "BELIEBER" not because of his fame, or because he is handsome.. But because for who he is, and of his precious heart; He's poor kid of a small town of Canada who always dreamed big, believed in his dreams, never gave up.. and who have teached me that nothing in this world is impossible, that everything can happen if you believe in it and if you NEVER SAY NEVER<3 Pattie, his mother posted his song rendition in the YouTube to be accessible to friends and relatives who were not able to see him perform live. She uploaded more videos of Bieber’s renditions of different rhythm and blues songs and from then on, Bieber became famous for his performance on the website.A So So Def previous marketing executive named Scooter Braun encountered Bieber while he was going through videos of a particular artist in the YouTube. So this is how Bieber became famous. THE END<3 Made by: Liuba Carrera
10th Epsilon
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