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No description

Muadi Kapongo

on 15 December 2014

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Transcript of Bullying

Well...I think so anyways...
Tuesday, February 24
Vol 1, No. 1.5
Again,what can we do?
Our Reaction
Physical: "The 3rd Degree Burn"
3.2 million victims per year
Why Do Bullies Really Bully?
Most people, when they see bullying, want to help, but they are afraid that the bully will turn on them if they interfere.
Bullying would be just plain wrong
Say something!
Would picking on someone benefit you or anyone else around?
Why bother picking on anyone? Are they worth your time?
Anyone who hurts someone or their belongings
Abusive activity
Examples of physical bullying include kicking, punching, hitting, etc...
Included in physical bullying is an aggressor
High levels of aggression
The victims are easy targets
Obvious to spot an act
We call this "The 3rd Degree Burn" because this is usually the last resort for most bullies.
*They have social power
*Like to be in charge of others
*They feel their insecurities will go away if they bully other people
*They might have problems going on
at home or just in their own selves and they feel like bullying will make them feel better.
*Bullies might be able to change for the better...
Cyber Bullying: "The 1st Degree Burn"
The Big Question

Sumi's Story
A Story
The Big Question
Victim's Reactions
Mostly scared
A very small percentage stand up for themselves
Feel helpless
A chance of dropping out of school
A thought of committing suicide
Feel like they can't trust anyone
Bullies Reaction
Bullies are actually people just like us.
They usually take out their feelings on other people, not really caring if they hurt others.
Bullies may feel good when they bully somebody, but sometimes they'll feel guilty after.
Some bullies may come to a realization that they are bullying. Others may not.
Bullies have their own causes and effects that we will never understands unless we experience it.
What is Bullying?
like seriously?!
Editors: Laylah Gorlero, Sumaiyah Hossain, & Muadi Kapongo
Period 6
Don't Be Your Own Bully!
*Takes place using electronic technology
*Examples include: mean text messages, rumors sent by email, embarrassing pictures and videos.
How to stop it:
Don't respond to or forward
Keep evidence of cyber bullying
Block the person immediately
Tell a trusted adult
First of all...
Always love yourself.
If you want to cut something, get paper.
If you want to hit something, get a pillow.
If you want to cry, let it out.
Most importantly though, when you're feeling down...
Society already knows that our generation has a serious issue with bullying others, and they are already attempting to fix it. The deal with bullying, however, is that it is like cancer; it's very powerful and sickening at the same time. There are doctors and scientists who are busy spending their lives finding the cure to cancer, when, in reality, there may never be one. Don't let that get you down though, because we are humans who do not stop. We have created ways to go bypass cancer by treating it with chemicals and radioactivity. Cancer may subside, but you always live with it. That's what bullying is. There is no way to ultimately destroy it, but there is a way to let ourselves and everyone around is not have to suffer through that sickness.
People say it's not "we will", but "we can". Well they're wrong; we have to say "we are" for it to become true.
We have to start at the core of bullying. It's not only society, but us as individuals as well. To stop it from becoming the next epidemic, we should treat it with the simplest thing possible: kindness. the next step is to socialize with people in a, if not nice, at least civil way. There's no need to be rude. The next step is to KNOW someone, how they live and all. The most important step is a friendship or at least a bond is put in place. If this were posssible with every living person, there would be an ever so rare mention of bullying.
Words don't hurt just the person you insulted, but their family and loved ones; it hurts because they have no way to reverse


Emotional and Verbal: "The 2nd Degree Burn"
If we haven't been bullied, we've at least been insulted once in our lives. An insult is an insult, and we have it in our minds and hearts to have one person's words affect us. Why? We all want to be liked by people, no matter who it is. Let's all take a moment to think of what could happen to somebody who doesn't take words lightly. You insult them harshly. Maybe though, someone already insulted them and someone did as well the day before and so on. Let's say this person you insulted has been listening to their parents fighting or has been abused or maybe been through some other form of tragedy. Do you think this person wakes up everyday to come to school to be insulted by you, someone who has nobody else to pick on? No, they wake up in the hopes that something or somebody will make their day. You could be that person just by giving them a compliment. So, the real message I'm trying to get through to you is to simply...

56% students personally witnessed a type of bullying
90% of 4th- 8th grade report victims of bullying
71% students report bullying at school
160,000 stay home from school because of bullying
66% of students who have been bully targets become bullies themselves
that is just sad...
*Levi Null has Asperger Syndrome,a form of autism.
*Lives in Iowa and is thirteen years old.
*Levi has been bullied since elementary
school. Kids punched and kicked him
while teachers turned their backs and
other kids took out their phones.
*One of the parents of the kids who
bullied him said it was Levi's fault
that he was being bullied and not anyone
Every 7 minutes someone gets bullied
Bullying is when someone or a group of people, who think they have more power than others, repeatingly hurt another person or group of people either physically, verbally, or emotionally, or even on the computer. It's like a cold; it can only be stopped if it is treated beforehand.
What can we do?
What can I do?
Tell a trusted person
Help others to prevent the act
Wouldn't you want someone to stick up for you?
And say in-an-anemone
Is there a way out of bullying for us? We'll never know because "we" are not just one person, but around 7,000,000,000. Can we save everyone just yet? No, but we can start small and save our friends, family and that one person you admit that you weren't necessarily nice to today...
Ever since the tragedy of 9-11, Muslims kids like myself began to suffer from bullying. My own experience are hurtful. Girls would pull my headscarf down while boys would shout very hurtful things. The worst thing I can't forget is one of my friends called me OBL's daughter. My sister was also bullied for similar reasons, but, being in high school, things were different. Kids would vandalize her things and, as usual, threw rude remarks at us. How did we handle this? Honestly, we ignored it because we have confidence in ourselves and know well enough that one person's thoughts aren't enough to move oceans, let alone ourselves. We eventually grew into ourselves and people actually began to respect us for just handling people's need to bully by doing nothing. What has this taught me? Sometimes, even if you think it's the end, stick around and stay strong; there may be a twist ending...
When is enough enough?
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