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Climate Change

No description

Shelby Fairchild

on 27 April 2010

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Transcript of Climate Change

Climate Change Around The World. Climate Change is a big problem world wide. One of the reasons Climate Change
is a big problem because of increased Greenhouse
emmisions. Evidence for Global Warming is as follow
Earths Temperature would drop from 57 degrees to 0 degrees.
If the temperature did drop we could have a "Little Ice Age" as the scientist call it.
This is what is happening to increase Climate Change
Pollution Climate Change is long term average of a regions weather, events lumped together. Greenhouse effect is the rise
of the temperature that
the earth experiences. Climate Change is effecting
the way our animals live. You can reduce Climate Change by doing the following:
Use less arosal spray Hairspray,Air freshener.exc
Turn off water when not using it. This is a Hyperbole,But it shows what it would feel like.
It shows that the world is
being hurt with the climate change. When these glaciers
melt it causes the oceans to rise.
This hurts the polar bears habitat.
They soon will not have anywhere to live. This is a reason that we have pollution.
The oil makes our ozone layer smaller and smaller.
When we spray arosal spray it also makes our ozone
layer smaller. The End:
This Presentation was made by
Yours Truly:
Shelby and Kasey Here is a video watch this
to see what our world is going though.
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