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Self Discovery

No description

Ali Tallal

on 20 February 2017

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Transcript of Self Discovery

"An interpretation of Everything else" by Natalia Almada
To understand ourselves, we must first learn that our path to greatness is lined with our failings, our losses and our mistakes. To become the best part of ourselves, we must first experience the worst. Only with our strength, our passion and our willingness to fight, will we understand that person you see today standing in the light.

©2017 Ali Tallal
"An interpretation of exploration" by Ali Tallal
Take off, let yourself feel free. Exploring all of life's possibilities. Our journey is long and at times we feel lost. Close your eyes, take a deep breath and set off. Say yes to the challenge and accept the experience. embrace your anxiety, say yes and I do. discover the ultimate, everlasting.. you.

©2017 Ali Tallal

J'ai accepter la vie comme un voyage, comprendre que vous avez des défauts. Embrassez le monde autour de vous et partez pour explorer. Ce qui est pour vous, vous le trouverez et si vous ne le laissez pas partir. Tant que vous vous souvenez, le voyage vous a fait quelqu'un de vous.
Thank you!
Ali Tallal
2017 Spring
Hurshel Burton

Accept life as a journey, understand you have flaws. Embrace the world around you and set out to explore. What's for you, will find you and if not let it go. As long as you remember, the journey has made you so.
©2017 Ali Tallal
"An interpretation of me, myself and I" by Ali Tallal
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