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Urban, Suburban, and Rural Communities

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Zachary Rice

on 28 September 2013

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Transcript of Urban, Suburban, and Rural Communities

Urban, Suburban, and
Rural Communities

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What things do you see in this picture?

What do you see?
Suburbs are towns that are near a city.
In a suburban community, you would see houses, streets, trees, parks, people, and sometimes stores and restaurants.
Plum is a suburban community.
What might you do in a suburb?
What is a Suburb?
What do you see?
Name some things that you see in this picture.
Rural Community
Rural communities are areas with lots of land, that are far away from cities.
In a rural community, there may be lots of farms and forests.
People living in rural areas usually have to drive to get to a store, restaurant, or a neighbor's house.
A city, with lots of streets, cars, businesses, buildings, and people.
People live in apartments instead of houses.
Pittsburgh, New York City, London
What could you do in an urban community?

What is an Urban Community?

Discuss some things that you see in this picture.
What do you see?
I can identify qualities
of different types of
Watch this short clip
as a review of urban,
suburban, and rural
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