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What's your claim?

No description

Carrie Hannigan

on 4 September 2015

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Transcript of What's your claim?

Importance of a Claim
Claim of Value
This type of claim will judge whether an action or situation is good or bad, as the quality or quantity of the situation. It makes a broad or general judgment in comparing two values, such as reasonable or unreasonable.
Emphasizes an
arguable point
, thus shifting the focus from just informing or educating the audience about the problem. Without a claim, a thesis statement may lead to writing an informative essay.
Claim of Policy
This type of claim advocates a new policy, law/ordinance, or standard in order to resolve a problem. As this advocates a new policy, this claim looks to the future without evaluating an existing policy or identifying the cause of the problem.
More information
Unit 4 Learning Activity: http://extmedia.kaplan.edu/genEd/CM220/CM220_1502A/Multimedia/Unit_3/Learning_Activity_2/quiz.html

Expressed in the thesis statement, representing an arguable point that reasonable people would disagree with
Claim of Cause
Carrie Hannigan, M.S.
What's your claim?
This type of claim focuses on arguing the cause of the favorable or unfavorable outcome. It may describe several actions that create a cause-and-effect situation. There is no judgment of the actions.

An Ethical Claim
This type of claim relies on a set of ethical standards to advocate change or judges an existing situation against a code of ethics. The ethical standards might be what is considered fair, right, just, equal, or obligated.
Proposal Argument Claim
This type of claim focuses on the feasibility of a possible solution in response to an identified problem. The claim highlights the benefits of the proposed solution, but doesn’t detail the causes of the problem.
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