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No description

katelynn dougherty

on 2 March 2011

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Transcript of MOST

Marketing and promotion experience Who are the mentors? MOST mentors are transfer students themselves. What we provide: Great resource for
Advice and support system
Campus and community
updates on events and
Networking opportunities
Office hours for assistance
Group study sessions
MOST Mentor
3 Upper divison Credits Resume builder
Involvement with department
Make a difference

Opportunities for advancement Other Activities of the Most Program: Opening Week events
Strengths Quest
Department socials
Mentee Gathering
Marketing and promotion experience
For more information you can visit our website What is the MOST program? This program was designed to help incoming transfer students navigate their way through their first year SUNY Oswego. The Mentors are in various majors such as: education The Mentors have transferred from community colleges, other SUNY schools, and private colleges as well. You can also check out our Facebook page Education Psychology Business Communication Studies And more... Move in early Responsibilities: Providing support for, up to 40 transfer students Attending two trainings in August before classes start Attending GST 304, which meets about 15 times over the Academic year Providing support to the Transfer Services Office Assisting in marketing & publicizing of the MOST program Help to recruit, interview and select Mentors for the next year.
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