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Copy of Cell Analogy Project: Basketball Court/Game

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Anthony Lemon

on 19 December 2013

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Transcript of Copy of Cell Analogy Project: Basketball Court/Game

Cell Analogy Project: Basketball Court/Game
By: Simeet and Parmeet Gill

Nucleus: Referees (Protect players)
The manager that directs all of the cells activities. Also contains genetic info. The referee controls the game, they guide the way the game flows.
Cell Membrane: Painted lines around the court (Out line)
Decides what leaves and enters the cell. The players are not allowed to step out of the boundary lines.
Provides energy to the cells, such as the muscle cells.The cheerleaders provide the players with more energy with their enthusiasm.
Mitochondria: Cheerleaders
Lysosome: Janitor
Contains enzymes to break down waste.The janitor cleans up the gym and takes out all the waste.
Endoplasmic Reticulum: Players
The endoplasmic reticulum is basically the transport system to the cell. The players are the only things that are moving around on the court. They are the transport of the court.
Cytoplasm: Gym Floor
The contents of a cell membrane are suspended within the jelly-like cytoplasm that fills the cell. The gym floor is what takes up the whole gym, it fills up the room.
Golgi Apparatus: Play Book (Center of gym floor when game starts)
Processes and packages molecules for transport. The center of the gym is where the game begins. It is the starting point of the game.
Vacuole: Water Bottles
Provides storage space for water, food and minerals.
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