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Hydro Generators, Wind Generators, & Nuclear Power

Supernova (Group 1)

Supernova Group 1

on 7 October 2012

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Transcript of Hydro Generators, Wind Generators, & Nuclear Power

Hydro Generator Wind Generator and Nuclear Power Presented By: Group 1 Hydro Generators How does a hydro generator work? Wind Generators Nuclear Power What is nuclear power? Generating electrical energy from radioactive materials such as uranium. Advantages Disadvantages Is nuclear power the key to the future? Browns Ferry Nuclear Plant Round Up Getting Energy from Hydro Energy from Wind Sources Nuclear Power A Summer to Remember Our Thoughts July 16-July 26, 2012 Comments or questions? Have a great summer! Bibliography Pros Cons Discharges small amounts of carbon dioxide 1 lb. of uranium
3 million lb. of coal
1 million gallons of gasoline Low operating costs No place to store dangerous radioactive waste Uranium-238 half-life is 4.468 billion years Limited supply of Uranium & Hydroelectric Dams H. Neely Henry Dam Field Trip Weiss Dam Reggie Quavanti Tim Victoria Hydroelectricity Electricity created by the fall or flow of water. Materials Nuclear Reactions Nuclear Fusion Nuclear Fission Conclusion: Need more energy from water flow! Energy generated by wind... Ages So... Groups 1 & 2 are the best! Nucleus breaks apart. Nuclei combine. Photo & Video Credits: Those listed above, Dr. Stephen Babalola, Dr. T., and Victoria Van. The End Pictures and Videos removed for Privacy Purposes
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