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What is Social Studies?

No description

Stacey Baker

on 21 July 2011

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Transcript of What is Social Studies?

Social Studies
is our
STORY What are the stories that make us who we are?
How do we learn those stories?
Where do we see our stories? What are the stories that make us who we are? Is authority always right? Why do we need rules? Why do people choose sides? Is more always better? How can differences unite? The causes and battles of the Revolutionary War Creating a nation built on freedom and rights Political parties
Famous names From sea to shining sea: moving west! The causes and battles of the Civil War
Reconstructing the country How do we learn our stories? Primary Sources Secondary Sources Oral History Original materials from the time period, that have not gone through interpretation or evaluation (evidence!) Relates to or discusses information originally presented somewhere else Historical information based on personal experiences or opinions of the speaker letters/documents
eyewitness articles
videos/recordings speeches
artifacts: clothes, furniture, pottery
works of art/ architecture/music/literature textbooks
magazine articles
biographies songs/stories
folk tales
traditions Where do we see our stories? Everywhere!
Video Games
Everyday items and places Social Studies
our STORIES Stories that made us who we are
The way we learn those stories
The way we see those stories in the world around us How do YOU make History? What evidence of primary, secondary, and oral history sources have you left behind today?
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