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Sleep Hygiene

Brandi, Kandi, Blade

Brandi Shramek

on 24 January 2013

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Transcript of Sleep Hygiene

Are you getting enough sleep? Sleep Hygiene Lack of Sleep Driving Drowsy causes motor vehicle/machinery related crashes
dangerous and preventable
like driving impaired
15% teens drive drowsy every week
100,000 accidents
40,000 injuries
1,500 deaths Sleepy By Choice? adults think teens sleep many hours by choice
change in internal clock
not tired until midnight
wake up at 7 or 8 for proper # hours
school start times interfere with sleep patterns
teens don't get enough sleep
1/4 fall asleep during class
trying to catch up on weekend is not good When Sleep Becomes a Problem Signs you need more sleep:
difficulty waking up
problems concentrating
sleeping in class
feeling moody or depressed Sleep is like food for your brain! Increases risk of:
illnesses It can also:
impair memory
inhibit creativity
raise stress
affect mood/emotion
cause lack of self-confidence You may also have problems:
getting along with family/friends
with test scores
with performance on the court
eating too much unhealthy food What you can do:
follow the National Sleep Foundation recommendations The National Sleep Foundation Recommends:
going to bed/waking up at same time
making sure room/bed is comfy
no caffeine
avoiding heavy studying/games
making sleep a priority
taking a quick nap if not close to bedtime
remembering nothing replaces good sleep
avoiding all-nighters
If problems persist:
keep a sleep diary
seek professional help
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