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Mobile Marketplace

No description

Charles Ditzel

on 21 April 2010

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Transcript of Mobile Marketplace

Mobile Device Marketplace Handsets, Smartphones, Tablets, NetBooks and What's Next ? Charles Ditzel
Systems Engineer/Technologist What is a Smartphone ?
A Converged Device Photo Catalog SMS Alarm Clock Game Console Contacts Phone Email Camera Music/Video Player Calendar Notepad Calculator Smart Map Application Vehicle Web Browser What's Next ?
An Example : LG Chocolate BL40 Tempered Glass
4" Touch Screen High Resolution 800x345
21:9 Aspect Ratio
Cinema Display
5 Megapixel Camera
Rich UI Experience via Flash
MicroSD Card up to 32 GB
TV-out port What's Next ?
An Example : HTC Evo G4 4.3" Touch Screen High Resolution
Two cameras including 8 megapixel camera
HDMI connection
Mobile Hotspot can connect up to 8 wi-fi enabled devices
Supports 3G and 4G
Android OS
FM Tuner What's Next ? Inexpensive Smartphones
An Example : Palm Pixie and Palm Pre High quality smartphone
Inexpensive ($30-$50)
Pre has slide out keyboard
Multi-tasking WebOS
3 Megapixel Camera on Pre (2 Megapixel camera on Pixie)
Small form-factor for Pre
Aimed a regular cellphone market
Smartphone in compact form-factor What happens to the marketplace ?
Will regular cellphones be replaced by Smartphones ? What's Next ? Cellphone Niches ?
An Example : Motorola Backflip Aimed at Social Networks users
Aimed at SMS/Messaging users
Streams Social Network events
Full keyboard
Converged info in contacts
5 Megapixel Camera with cropping, rotating, GeoTagging and editing.
One converged inbox with messaging, email, tweets, social events.
Android OS Will there be new smartphone niches ? While it is true that all smartphones are aiming at integrating social networking into their environments some are hunting for social network users by customizing the smartphones UI into a very social network-rich environment.
Same with games - lots of cellphones have a game strategy.
Will Sony or Nintendo create custom smart-gamephones around their platforms. What would a gamephone look like - a Sony PSP cell ? Software is critical
Applications are critical.
Healthy developer ecosystem is the lifeline.
Availability of content -
- video
- audio
- books
- applications
Personal content repositories
- audio
- video
- applications
- books
- photos
- videos
Transparent content library software - you can use it on your desktop or phone.
Apple has shown the importance of software with its killer application, iTunes, which provides the user with easy-to-use software and developers with a way to deliver, monetize and update the content and applications. A converged device needs applications. Hardware without great software is like a car without gas.
You can see what a converged device needs by looking at how you and others use smartphones.
Things like GPS-based location services, relatively fast internet connections and interoperable software that allows applications to use each other as components are examples of essentials. There are lots of interesting devices that are emerging. One of the classic transitions is the move from regular phones to enhanced phones to smartphones. Regular cellphones are being enhanced to offer limited web browsing, some email and a number of applications. Smartphones are creating one of the hottest markets around. Physical Keyboard - for those that don't want on-screen keyboards ( RIM also ships a touchscreen Storm 2)
Focus on user information and corporate users.
Sophisticated email software that allows you to sort your email.
Blackberry Messenger is one of the killer apps and allows sending pictures and voice memos.
Focus on security offers a value added advantage over some other smartphones. What's Next ? No Substitute For Usefulness
Example :Blackberry Curve and Bold Does the cellphone have a removable battery?
Does the cellphone allow expanding phone storage with a microSD card ?
What's the cellphone camera resolution 3 vs 5 vs 8 Megapixels ?
What's the resolution of the screen ?
Are there lots of applications for the phone ? Are they the right ones ? For example in China - qq is wildly popular and is used almost universally for instant messaging. Having lots of applications only matter if they are the right applications.
Can the phone be (legally) unlocked ?
Can the phone do video ?
Does the phone have a on-screen or physical keyboard ?
Can you use the cellphone as an internet tether for a laptop ?
What audio and video formats are supported ? Does the phone support wifi ?
Does the phone support G3 and/or G4 networks ?
Does the phone have a speaker ?
What is the form-factor ? Some like small, compact phones - some don't.
What type of security does the phone have - for example the Storm supports email with triple DES encryption and AES ?
Does the phone support multimedia messaging (MMS) ?
Personalization can be important to some people depending on the user - what kind of accessories are available for it ?
What is the web browsing environment like on the phone ? Is it WAP pages or regular web pages ?
What is the intended purpose of the phone ? Personal, business, social-centric, game-centric, etc. Cell- and Smartphone Culture :
Considerations Essentials : Application Ecosystem There are key aspects to the application ecosystem - The smartphone application community needs a healthy developer diversity that has commercial and open source developers.
An Application store that allows commercial developers to monetize their efforts and open source developers a way to deliver their software both on the device or on a desktop.
Clear licenses and terms.
Software development kits.
Mechanisms to do easy software updates. Apple App Store within iTunes
Google's Android Market
Blackberry App World
Noki's Ovi
Palm App Catalog
Windows Mobile SkyMall RIM Apple Microsoft Google Palm 42.10% 25.40% 15.10% 5.4% 9% Timescape UI - a complete time-based UI covering social media connections, email, photos, SMS, MMS, etc. Very cool 3D stacks (splines).
Mediascape UI - a complete UI for music, video and photos.
4" Touch Screen High Resolution
8.1 Megapixel camera
microSD up to 16 GB
What's Next ? Captivating User Experience
An Example : Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 Sony Ericsson's Timescape Top Smartphone Platforms : 3 Month Average Ending Feb 2010 Source : comScore MobiLens
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