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Moctezuma II

World History Project

Oscar Quintana

on 11 January 2013

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Transcript of Moctezuma II

Moctezuma II The Life of Moctezuma II Where did Moctezuma II live? Why is Moctezuma II famous? Moctezuma's Headdress Moctezuma II Helped Architecture Flourish Moctezuma II was born sometime in the year 1466 the exact date is unknown. The exact date of his death is in the history books though. The Aztec emperor died on July 1, 1520 shortly before the Spanish conquistadors left Tenochtitlan because he was useless to them after they left. Moctezuma II is very well known because he was one of the last Aztec rulers, he was the first of the Aztec emperors that confronted with the Spanish conquistadors, he was also the Aztec emperor that was defeated by Hernan Cortes in 1520 which led to the downfall of the prosperous civilization. Moctezuma II had an enormous crown that was made of exotic bird feathers, gold, and leather. The headdress measures 46 in. high and 69 in. across. Moctezuma II was commander of the Jaguar and
Eagle military groups prior to becoming emperor therefore he was very good in military strategies. Moctezuma attacked many neighboring tribes to add to the Aztec empire's expansion. The Aztec empire had as many as 6 million people while Moctezuma II was emperor. When the Spaniards first visited Tenochtitlan they were surprised to see a city that big because the cities were smaller back in their homeland. Moctezuma II pushed for public architecture like
huge monumental sculptures, temples, and other
works of public art because he thought that art helped for development and growth for the capital of Tenochtitlan. By: Oscar Quintana
2nd Period
1/9/13 Moctezuma II lived in present day Mexico City which was called Tenochtitlan during the existence of the Aztec empire. Tenochtitlan was located on a set of islands in Lake Texcoco and was the Aztec capital. Moctezuma lived in a great palace in the heart of the capital. Territorial Additions to the Aztec Empire under Moctezuma's Rule The Aztec Empire and it's People Religious Superstition? Montezuma II was very superstitious about his religious beliefs that's what caused the fall of him and the successful empire he had. The Aztec population had their unique religion consisting of many gods, but there was one named Quetzalcoatl that was believed that would come back to save the Aztec people. It was figured as a feathered serpent with light skin. When the Spanish conquistadors arrived Moctezuma fooled himself and believed that the Spaniards were gods. Quetzalcoatl Map of Tenochtitlan Moctezuma meeting
with Cortes Land acquired by
different Aztec
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