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Research project officer


Elie Mansour

on 12 October 2013

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Transcript of Research project officer

Skills and memberships
Elie Mansour
Dependable and conscientious green chemist with experience in manufacturing QA and R&D. Principle research interests lie in the field of wool, hemp and other fibres, including their processing and performance as insulation products.
Currently involved in the study of thermal testing of hygroscopic materials using heat flow apparatus. Also researching a bio-based multifunctional binder system for wool insulation processing, utilising their waste stream as a raw material. Future plans include successfully completing a PhD and researching novel products that would be of industrial interest.
Email Address
City, County
MSc Green Chemistry and Sustainable Industrial Technology, University of York 2009/10
Graduated with distinction
Voluntary work
Dr. Robert Elias
Provided a comprehensive introduction to the core aspects of theoretical chemistry and basic lab-work skills. Relevant subjects studied with their corresponding laboratory work include:
Environmental chemistry Grade: 76/100 | 88/100 for Lab
Applied organic, inorganic and industrial chemistry Grade: 83/100 | 72/100 for Lab
Research project: Analgesics – synthesis and biochemical mode of action Grade: 85/100
Doctors commented on notable content of complex organic synthesis reactions, impressive organisation and layout, and use of chemistry-related software.
Maitrise-es Sciences in Chemistry, Lebanese University 2004 - 2008
Secondary Certificate in Life Sciences, International School (Lebanon) 2000 - 2004
Graduated with honours
Key subjects included chemistry, biology, mathematics, and English and Arabic languages.
Work Experience
The course is accredited by the RSC and develops an understanding of green chemistry principles and how can they be adapted along with the associated new technologies in the current industry to create novel and sustainable products while easing the financial burden of waste streams by turning it into a profit. Key modules include:
Principles of green chemistry
Control of environmental impact of chemical processes and products
Catalysis and alternative reaction media
Application of green chemistry
Clean synthesis and renewable resources
Energy efficiency and emerging technologies
Chemical engineering and clean technology
Commercialisation of green chemistry
Intellectual property, business opportunities and the impact of legislation
Greener Products
Scale up and related implications
Research project: Chemicals from lignin – new routes to renewable aromatics. Looked into the reductive hydrogenation of lignin as a production method of monomers from aromatic polymers and potential phenolic aldehydes as flavouring agents. The effect of different sample origins and pre-treatments were investigated. A mixture of high-value aromatics was obtained and identified using GCMS, NMR, FTIR, CHN analysis, liquid chromatorgraphy, etc. The project was presented to 25 people including the head of the Green Chemistry Centre of Excellence.
Measurement of the thermal conductivity of hygroscopic materials using heat flow apparatus
To be submitted to Indoor Built Environ in June/July
Research into natural bio-based insulation for mainstream construction
Accepted by the Portugal SB13 conference (30 Oct - 1 Nov 2013)
June 2011 - June 2013
Production Technologist – KTP Associate
Managed a budget of over £100k to complete a project aimed at reviewing, evaluating and improving production processes of bio-based insulation material at Black Mountain Insulation Ltd, and the development of a strategic product improvement program. Major achievements:
Savings of 25% on most expensive raw material used despite a 10% increase in price
Trialled and launched new products resulting in a contracted 12% increase in sales plus an extra 5% in the duration of the project
Increase of 36% in production capacity through optimised settings
Reduction of over 10% of downtime
Brought in direct cash and a 3% increase of sales through trials and tests
Significant reduction in the make, learn, re-make approach to quality optimisation through system implementation, documentation, and better management
Represented the company European UK based projects, resulting in substantial funding:
FP7: Eco-innovative, Safe and Energy Efficient wall panels and materials for a healthier indoor environment (Ref: EeB.NMP.2013-2)
TSB: Energy Efficient Bio-Based Natural Fibre Insulation (DTI Project No: TP A0089J) and Biobased Insulation For Bananas (Ref: 23615-161234)
Participated in commercial meetings and exhibitions to ensure technical specifications are appropriate and known
Improved H&S and HR, and dealt directly with HSE
May/June 2008
Quality control trainee
BioComposites Centre,
Bangor University,
Deiniol Road, Bangor,
Gwynedd LL57 2UW
+44 (0) 78958 07894
Kinmel Bay, Conwy, North Wales
High value products from reconstituted wool
BioComposites Centre May 2013
Lab work aimed at utilising a waste stream from the wool insulation manufacturing industry as a feedstock which is miscible in ionic liquids. This opens the possibilities of modifying the resulting reconstituted keratin to function as a low melt binder, replacing the current synthetic polyester based binder and removing the need to rely on more expensive alternatives such as PLA to achieve a completely bio-based product. Further research will look into incorporating other functions of interest to the industry such as moth repellence and VOC capture.
Specialised training in QC of Portland and white cement
General tests for composition, sample preparation, operation of X-ray diffraction apparatus, and wet chemistry (pH titration)
Organised the database for the composition of batch samples that stretched over several years
Created a new program for an XRD apparatus to support white cement analysis; required:
Collection, preparation, and analysis of a wide array of samples in a short time period
Configuration and tweaking of the apparatus’ parameters and defaults
General overview of cement and concrete production
AMRSC since 2012
Certificate in ISO 9001 Quality Management Systems Auditor/Lead Auditor Training Course
Certificate in ISO 14001 Environmental Management Systems Auditor/Lead Auditor Training Course
Certificate in Managing Safely, provided by Coleg LLandrillo
Management and Leadership – 3 weeks course
Introduction to the News Media for Scientists
Fully familiar
Member since 2011
Fluent in Arabic and English
Registered for CWRS WLPAN Welsh language course
Postgraduate representative on the Board of Studies, University of York 2009 - 2010
Represented the views and concerns of all postgraduates, and conveyed their thoughts to the Board of Studies to stimulate a quick practical response. Major issues dealt with included: availability of experimental-based research projects; fire-safety regulations; lab and office space for future prospected students; improving survey questionnaires services.
Aim Higher – Public awareness event April 2010
Event took place in the chemistry labs in the University of York
Included hands-on experimental work and presentations for a junior audience
Elaborated the potential advantages and disadvantages of using bio-fuel Goal of the event was to make audience, young people selected from a socially disadvantaged background, aware of their future potential as green chemists
Received positive feedback and comments from teachers, students, and event organisers
ChemNet Ambassador Since 2012
Participate in events with the aim to interact with teachers and students and demonstrate the impact of chemistry in life
Member of the Regional Building Committee Since 2012
Member of the Quality Control team, ensuring adequacy of building materials and their consecutive installations for refurbishment of non-residential halls. Gave a good understanding of problems encountered within planning and construction, and related impact on products’ specifications.
Ms. Ceri Loxton
BioComposites Centre,
Bangor University,
Deiniol Road, Bangor,
Gwynedd LL57 2UW
Mr. Andrew Evans
Black Mountain Insulation Ltd
Unit B, Tir Llwyd Industrial Estate
Rhyl, Denbighshire
LL18 5JA
CEO of Black Mountain Insulation Ltd
Academic supervisor
Director of BioComposites Centre
The National Eisteddfod of Wales; Denbigh August 2013
Volunteered with the RSC, interacting with various audiences through demonstrations and experiments including smell chemistry, effect of zinc on ponds, how sunscreen creams works, and 'build a molecule' using fruits and sweets.
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