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Quick Chem. Presentation

The presentation to end presentations

Jason Turner

on 22 April 2010

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Transcript of Quick Chem. Presentation

MONOSODIUM GLUTEMATE Why we should sell it? What are its uses? Monosodium Glutemate or MSG is used
often in food products to add flavor The Bad News MSG is the most controvesial
food product since trans fats.
Health groups and other lobbiests
are constantly trying to make it illegal.
But wait there's more, MSG is a strong
neuro-toxin that given time or in a large
dose will kill you. The Good News Last year 1.1 million metric tons of MSG
were consumed and at $1.30 a kilogram
that is 1.43 billion dollars in revenue.
If we can produce and sell just 1% in our
first year that would be 143 Million $$$$
General Information Highly addictive Often used in Asian cooking Asia consumes 70% of all MSG On its own it is completley tastless
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