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No description

Sam Minugh

on 2 November 2013

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Transcript of Gerbils

The cage, cleaning of the
cage, set-up of the
cage, and food.

Cleaning of the Cage
The cage should be cleaned at least once a week or at most once every two weeks.
Make sure they are in a secure place when you clean the cage.
Clean the cage with soap and water. (Make sure there is no soap smell remaining.)
Mix some old with the new so the gerbil knows its scent.
Food & Drink
food & drink supplies:
Your Options
-glass aquarium

- wire cage

-plastic cage
Glass Aquarium
- the gerbil can't chew through it
- easy to clean
- makes it easier to see the gerbil
- not as fun
(no tunnels)
* For a glass a aquarium you will need a wire or mesh lid. So the gerbil can't jump out and Chase can't get in.
- can connect
cages and tubes
- inexpensive
- bedding can spill out
- gerbil can escape
- gerbil can get stuck in bars
- easy to chew through
* make sure bars are
1/2 inch apart
- more prettier
- little ventilation
- easily chewed through
- smell more quickly
Cage Size:
cost of cage:
Set-up of the cage
step 1- place wood shavings in cage
step 2- place hay in cage
step 3- place toys in cage
step 4- place food and water in cage
step 5- place gerbils in cage
* suggested hay is Timothy hay and suggested wood shavings are aspen
- food bowl
- water bottle
- something to hold
water bottle
- possibly a small bowl for treats
-make sure the pellets have 16-20 percent protein
- give at most a handful of pellets a day
- treats can be seed, fruits, or vegetables
- monitor how many treats you give them
- make sure water is fresh daily
-make sure water supply is constant
glass gerbil aquarium
Wire Cage
wire gerbil cage
Plastic Cage
plastic gerbil cage
Fast Facts
* scientific name: gerbillinae
* gerbils are herd animals so its better to get 2
* gerbils love to dig!
* escape artists
*gerbils' typical life span is 3 to 4 years
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