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Mr. Michael

Open me

Mackenzie Madison

on 28 April 2010

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Transcript of Mr. Michael

Well, considering I bothered you for weeks wanting you to ask me to prom, I guess this works... it is indeed creative :P You're a funny boy, you know that? Well, I like you that way :) you're such a cutie! These are kind of fun to make, I'm not very good at it though yet Right now I am having a blueberry
Dum Dum, those are my favorites :) Well I was going to show you a picture of a blueberry
Dum Dum, but when I Googled it, there weren't any
good ones, so instead, one of the related searches was
a blueberry dump cake..... This is a blueberry dump cake Wasn't what you were especting was it? The moon is really pretty outside,
you should go look at it! I hope prom night is as pretty as tonight was We should camp out in the back yard! :D Would you like to do that? I would! My Dum Dum is all done... I
got excited and chewed it,
they're so yummy!!! DUMDUM!!!! Hmmm.... I'm forgetting something..... You ever feel like you're forgetting something? I hope I'm not forgetting a test tomorrow :/ Oh shoot... I do have
a test tomorrow.... Bob Saget.... Well that was supposed to be a segway into me realizing that I needed to tell you something... I'm pregnant.... yeah..... oops.... JUST KIDDING! I WILL MOST CERTAINLY
GO TO PROM WITH YOU! I love you bunny rabbit, you're the bestest! We're so precious :) The end. :)
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