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Copy of Malpractice in the Food Industry

No description

Lee Mo

on 21 December 2014

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Transcript of Copy of Malpractice in the Food Industry

Malpractices in the Food Industry
Factory Farming and Labeling
Imagery and Advertising

You + The Food Industry
The Food Industry
Me and You
Business Behind the Food Industry
The Big Picture
"The process of raising livestock in
where a farm operates as
a factory"
Image of Agrarian America
Annually, we spend
on food...
$1 trillion dollars
Concealing the truth
Unnaturally ripening vegetables
"I'm a vegetarian" or "I eat healthy"
Seasons no longer exist in the food industry
Take an Active Interest & Hold the Food Industry Businesses Accountable for their dangerous and monopolistic practices
In 1972, the FDA conducted approximately
50,000 food safety inspections...
In 2006, the FDA conducted 9,164 inpsections
Buying Organic Foods Dives Businesses to the Organic Market...completely changing the Food Industry
Solution #2
Buy Organic Foods
Solution #1: Protect Family Farms
Fund and Invest in Organic Markets by shopping there more frequently
By Dana McCann
Frequent use of antibiotics and steriods cause immunity or allergies to medical antibiotics
Using corn and meat fillers in the production of our food
Solution #3: READ LABELS
Solution #4: Become Familiar with FDA Regulations and Standards and work to enforce them
The joke of "don't eat anything you can't pronounce" ... or if you don't know where it comes from
Factory Farming leads to many health concerns such as contamination or reactions to antibiotics
Businesses use unsafe practices especially in the alteration of our food - the overuse of corn and unnaturally ripening food
The Food Industry distances itself from the public to keep us in the dark about their practices
Who is in control? The Farmers or the Businesses?
Monopolistic practices allow businesses to do anything regarding the production of our food
Businesses control the farmers through contracts and force these immoral practices
If the businesses change, the food industry changes
(Chicken Nuggets)
(Energy Drinks)
(Energy Drinks)
High Fructose Corn Syrup
...so why don't we know where it comes from?
Which Company?
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