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Tipp-Ex Viral Social Media Campaign

A case study on viral social media campaigns and the effectiveness

Patrick Venderbos

on 15 January 2013

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Transcript of Tipp-Ex Viral Social Media Campaign

A Viral Social Media Campaign Introduction Research Question Theoretical Framework The Campaign Findings Preliminary Conclusions Discussion August 2010, white and re-write the story
April 2012, white and re-write history Old Spice campaign ‘The Man Your Man Could Smell Like’ & ‘The Response’
Set the new standard
Tipp-Ex campaign was the best YouTube campaign after the Old Spice campaign
‘Pocket Mouse’ correction tape introduced into a new ‘jacket’
Launched in August 2010: “A Hunter Shoots a Bear”
A follow up campaign 2012: “Hunter & Bear’s 2012 Bday Party” ‘The strategic release or seeding of a branded content through the ecosystem as consumers receive the content and are motivated to share the branded content with others consumers’ (Mills, 2012) Can the social media campaign ‘Hunter and Bear’ by Tipp-Ex be assessed as successful in terms of effectiveness? And which recommendations can be made in order to improve the effectiveness, if needed? Viral marketing Implications for organizations Organizations have less control
Many examples of successes as well as sufferings of organizations and social media
Domino’s (Veil et al.)
Southwest Airlines (Wish. org) Evaluating effectiveness Cruz & Fill (2008)
Mills (2012) The Pocket Mouse The Mini Mouse Using social media Viral marketing Effectiveness Burger King -> 400 million views since 2004
Tipp-Ex -> 30 million views since 2010 "the strategic release or seeding of branded content through the ecosystem as consumers receive the content and are motivated to share the branded content with other consumers" Back-to-school Tipp-Ex YouTube Share it! Brand advertising Students & Pupils No action? YouTube 1st -> 41 Sales?
30% up
in sept. 2 till Oct. 15 Action? 97% out of 23,936 57% social media
25% blogs
8% forum replies Was it effective? Recommendations
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