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Search for Noah's Ark

Jenny Rechlicz, Lauren Mantz and Andrea

Lauren Mantz

on 9 October 2012

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Transcript of Search for Noah's Ark

The Search for Noah's Ark By: Jenny Rechlicz
Lauren Mantz
and Andrea Hischke 3 Theories
1. There have been artifacts and timbers/wood found near Mt .Ararat
2. A boat has been found but it is not Noah's Ark
3. The ark has been found and it is in Turkey on Mt. Ararat Overview Pieces of wood/timber found on the mountain

Hardwicke Knight ridiculed for finding a rock

Archeological findings of ancient significance

Authors say in 'My Opinion' - Not credible Theory 1 George Green flew over Mt. Ararat in a helicopter and took pictures

Boat appeared modern at first look

Iron and Aluminum alloys detected in a scientific analysis

Alloys could have been absorbed from another object

People are not a hundred percent sure what the cubit measurement of the Ark was Theory 2 Theory 3 Genesis 8:4 There have been artifacts and timber/wood found near Mt. Ararat Entered Ark through hole - cages to keep animals Measurements coincided with the Bible Sedimentary Strata and Pillow Lava A boat has been found but it is not Noah's Ark Many scientists today would not
want it to be the Ark The ark has been found and is in Turkey on Mt. Ararat Theory 3 Mt. Ararat is the tallest mountain in the region Many of the Archeologists that searched were listed on FoxNews.com
as Christians Original Discovery They found tenons They exploded the boat because they thought outside was made of clay Object seemed to have dimensions that were too big to match what was recorded in Genesis First sighting in 1856 Discussion Question 2
If you were exploring would you be able to keep a subjective view point while you were searching? Discussion Question 1 Is it possible that the ark
still exists and has been found? Genesis 6:11-22 Genesis 8:3-14 Discussion Question 3 Theory 3 Continued... Which theory do you find to
be most
Why? While the search for Noah's Ark is fascinating, our faith does not hinge on its existence today.
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