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All About Me!

No description

Computer Applications

on 28 February 2014

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Transcript of All About Me!

All About Me!
Technology 2/25/14
My Favorite School Subjects
- My Favorite School subject is reading because it is not hard
- My favorite subject is spanish because its fun too learn
- My favorite subject is math because i like my math teacher and she makes it is for me too learn .
My Favorite foods .
- chicken
- pizza
-mac and cheese

My Favorite Desserts
- cheese cake
- cookies
- chips
- ice cream
- candy .
My Favorites Movies
- baby boy
- Friday
- freaky Friday
- Ride Along
- Players Club
- Love and basketball

My Favorite TV shows
- Sponge Bob
- Dora
- I Carly
- law and order
- teen mom

My Favorite Music Artists
- Chris Brown
- Drake
- Beyonce
- Rihanna
My Most memorable moment .
- when i bust my head .
Favorite Movie
- Baby boy
- Freaky friday
- Friday
If I Were A shoe i would be ..
If I were a shoe i would be a jordan because everybody wear them
If I were an animal
- if i were an animal i woul be a dog because it seems fun to be one
If I were a bird
- If i were a bird i would be and red bird because they are cute!
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