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The Life of Prophet Yusuf (Joseph)

Surah Yusuf surah 12

zakariya jaweed

on 25 July 2013

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Transcript of The Life of Prophet Yusuf (Joseph)

Yusuf's dream
Jealousy from Yusufs brothers
Yusufs Brothers were jealous because their father loved Yusuf Benyamin more then them so they planed to kill him or cast him to another island.

One of the brothers said to just throw
him in a well so a caravan will come
and take him.

The caravan arrives
Going to prison
When Yusuf went to jail two prisoners were their.They told hem about their dreams.The first said he was giving wine or a drink to the Pharoah or king.Prophet Yusuf said he was going to be a servant for the Pharoah.The second prisoner said in his dream that he was hanged up and birds were eating my flesh.Prophet Yusuf said he was gong to die.
Seven Fat cows Seven Skinny cows
When Prophet Yusuf was a little boy he told his father he had a dream that 11 stars a sun and moon were prostrating to him.

His Father told him not to tell his brothers.

After the Brothers threw Yusuf in the well a caravan came and took Yusuf and brought him to Egypt.They sold him for a few silver coins,a man bought him and told his wife to make him comfortable.When Yusuf reached manhood (or puberty) He was much wiser.
When Yusuf got out of jail The Pharoah
Had a dream of Seven fat Cows And Seven Skinny Cows.Prophet Yusuf said
Their will be Seven years of fertile and seven years of drought.
Leader of Food gathering
Prophet Yusuf had to take care of the food.He saw his brothers
but they didn't recodnize him so he did a trick so it looked like Benyamin stole something.
then Yusuf told him it was him.
The Truth
Prophet Yusuf told his Brothers that he was Yusuf and they were so happy.
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