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The Centre for Undergraduate Research and Academic Engagemen

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Kate Mazzotta

on 13 November 2014

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Transcript of The Centre for Undergraduate Research and Academic Engagemen

The Center for Undergraduate Research
and Academic Engagement

What do we do at CRE?
We offer a variety of programs for all majors and interests to get you involved in undergraduate research:
Global Scholars
Conference Travel Funding
Research Awards and Funding
Publication Opportunities
Undergraduate Research
Opportunities Program (UROP)
Open to first and second year students
UROP leaders are peer instructors: they are upper level undergraduates who have already completed research in your field
All students work on a one year assistantship
Leaders provide practical research skills so you can continue to do undergraduate research after your UROP year
Global Scholars Program
Helps students secure summer internships at non-profits around the world
Targets developing countries; placements are low-impact but highly effective
Available in all disciplines
Funding and grants are available to support travel costs
Includes a one-credit hour spring course
Research Awards and Funding
Summer research awards:

ACC Collaborative Research Award
Deadline is in late January
Funds 12 week long research project over the summer
Winners present at the President's Showcase in the fall
Conference Travel Funding
The Student Council for Undergraduate Research and Creativity (SCURC) offers funding, up to $500, for students to present at academic conferences.
Funds can be used to offset the cost of application and conference fees, travel expenses, and lodging.
Applications are on a rolling basis
Must apply at least three weeks before the date of the conference
Publishing Opportunities
SCURC has its own annual publication: The Owl
It's a printed, peer-reviewed research journal
Open only to FSU students
Applications are accepted in the fall, and the journal prints in the spring
Deadline: November 1, 2014
Community of Researchers
SCURC also has the Undergraduate Research Ambassadors, who promote research in their disciplines.
Hosts workshops, Research Remixes, and peer mentoring
Also serves as a community of researchers: meet other people who like research and may even want to work in the same field as you!
Office of National Fellowships
CRE focuses on FSU only awards; ONF helps students apply for national awards
If you are involved in research, it is an excellent idea to go to the ONF office
Most fellowships serve to fund post-graduate activities: professional school, graduate degrees, or research projects
Contact for more information:
More information about all of these programs can be found at the CRE website: cre.fsu.edu. Feel free to contact the names below for more information:
Kate Mazzotta, Assistant Director of SCURC: kmm11r@my.fsu.edu
Latika Young, Asst. Director of CRE: llyoung@fsu.edu
Joe O'Shea, Director of CRE: joshea@admin.fsu.edu
Craig Filar, Director of ONF: cfilar@admin.fsu.edu
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