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Cat G

on 31 August 2013

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Transcript of Book

Title: The Lost Hero

Author: Rick Riordan

Series: Heroes of Olympus

Book #: 1
Jason wakes up on a bus with no memory and meets Piper and Leo. they are attacked by storm spirits (Anemoi Thuellai. Roman form: Venti), and the satyr, Gleeson Hedge, is taken hostage
Piper, Jason, and Leo are taken to Camp Half Blood and find out they are demigods. Leo is claimed by Hephaestus (God of fire, crafts, and blacksmiths. Roman form: Vulcan, Piper is claimed by Aphrodite (Goddess of love and beauty. Roman form: Venus), and Jason, who speaks Latin instead of Ancient Greek, was already claimed by Zeus (God of the sky. Roman form: Jupiter) many years ago but doesn't know until Chiron the Centaur tells him
Jason is given a quest to save Hera in which he takes Piper, Leo, and a metal dragon Leo found, with him
Piper hides a secret that she has to betray them in order to save her father, who was captured by the giant, Enceladus
The quest takes them to the palace of Boreas ( God of the north wind. Roman form: Aquilon) in Quebec City, who tells them to find the storm spirits then find Aeolus (God of winds. Roman form: Aeolus) and have him help them
The dragon crashes in Detroit and they are almost eaten by Cyclopes before they escape and follow an invisible path to Chicago
Leo has a vision of a face in the Earth, which happens to be Gaea (Personification of the Earth. Roman form: Terra)
In Chicago, they find a sewer entrance to Medea's department store, where they find the storm spirits and the satyr, Gleeson Hedge
Leo and Jason are put in a trance, but Piper saves them before they are led to their death and they escape with the storm spirits and the satyr
Hephaestus talks to Leo in his dream and tells him about the giants that are behind everything that is happening
Leo wakes up to find that the dragon is falling again, so Leo tries to steer it to the ground, but crashes it and destroys the dragon
They find themselves in a gold mansion belonging to King Midas, who tries to kill them, but Jason summons rain and everything gold becomes normal again
Piper gets hypothermia, so they stop in a cave near Aeolus's palace, where they are attacked by a pack of wolves with a werewolf as their leader
The Hunters of Artemis (Goddess of the hunt and the moon. Roman form:Dianna) come to save them and cure Piper's hypothermia and Jason meets up with his long lost sister, Thalia, who helps them get to Aeolus's palace
They give Aeolus the storm spirits, but Gaea tells him to kill them and he has to listen to Gaea, so they run away with little information
Aphrodite comes to Piper in one of her dreams and tells her more about Piper's father and their quest
They all wake up in California and Piper tells them about her her dad being captured, so they all go to the top of Mount Diablo where a giant is holding Piper's dad hostage
They fight the giant and save Piper's Dad, who is sent home with no memory of what had happened
Jason leads Piper and Leo to the place where Hera is being held and meet up with the Hunters again
Jason fights off monsters while Piper and Leo break Hera out of her cage. Hera destroys all the monsters.
They go back to Camp Half Blood and Jason slowly gets his memory back
Jason tells everyone about the Roman form of Camp Half Blood that he was from
Time/Setting Impact
This story takes place in modern times near the winter solstice. this impacts the story because people like King Midas and Medea, who were part of the Ancient Greek myths, should be dead in that time period because they are mortal, but they are still alive, which indicates that something weird is going on (someone was bringing them back to life). Also, the fact that it is almost the winter solstice in the book impacts the book greatly because Jason, Piper, and Leo had to finish their quest by the winter solstice, otherwise the world as they knew it would be over. The story takes place in the United States of America and Parts of Canada. This impacts the story because there are certain landmarks in America that work in this story, but would not work in another country because they have completely different landmarks. Also, nots people who read this book are American, so they can relate more to a story that is set in their own country than one that was set in another country.
A Character That Resonated With Me
While reading this book, I resonated with Jason during his time at Camp Half Blood. While he was there, he knew he didn't belong there, but he couldn't figure out why. I felt like that when I first entered high school. I always saw it as my big sister's school, never my school. In some ways, I felt I didn't belong, but I also knew I had to be there. Also, when I was younger, I was an outcast among my siblings. My two older siblings would play with each other and tell me to play with my little siblings. My little siblings would play with each other and I wouldn't want to play with them because I was older and smarter then them, and it was weird to play with them because what they thought was fun, I thought was boring.
I would recommend this book to preteens and younger teens who are interested in Greek and Roman mythology and enjoy adventure. This book is one quest that leads to another. This book can really be enjoyed by anyone over the age of 10, but the reading is not difficult enough for older teens to enjoy.
The Lost Hero
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