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The Wizarding World of Harry Potter

The Most Magical Place on Earth

Amber Burton

on 12 November 2013

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Transcript of The Wizarding World of Harry Potter

The Wizarding World Of Harry Potter: Opening week
The Forbidden Journey Ride:
The Wizarding World of Harry Potter
Opening Day: June 18, 2010
The Opening moment began at 9:15 am
The two most popular destinations were Harry POtter and the Forbidden Journey and Ollivander's wandshop.
Dragon Challenge:
Gringotts Coaster???
Flight of the Hippogriff:
A lengthy queue that goes through Gringotts
During the queue the guest will go through the entrance of the bank and on through the vault, through Bill Weasley's office, and then up through some elevators and onto the ride.
The ride itself is arranged in three rows of four with a lap bar that runs all the way across.
It is a hybrid coaster/motion based ride.
The coaster will go through 9 "scenes" and each scene will have a different experience. In scene 4, for example, the rider will meet a dragon and there will be wind and heat effects blasted onto the rider. In scene 5 they will be taken through Sirus' Blacks vault.
The Gringotts ride has been confirmed by "insider sources" but not yet offically announced and has not yet been given a proper name.
An intertwining coaster very similiar to The Racer at Kings Island
Coaster that simulates learning to ride a hippogriff.
Riders sit on "enchanted benches" and are taken through a journey of various scenes and events from the books.
Map of WWoHP




Formerly called Dueling Dragons
The blue side is called the Hungarian Horntail (can only go as fast as 55mph) and the red side is the Chinese Fireball (goes up to 60 mph).
Worlds only racing inverted rollercoaster
Was originally called The Flying Unicorn
Riders sit in a bench that is made to look like a wooden replica of a Hippogriff.
This ride is not yet open in Universal Studios Hollywood. It is expected to be open in 2014 at the CA location.
Located in Hogwarts Castle. Usually visited upon exiting The Forbidden Journey Ride
Carries the most extensive amount of Harry Potter merchandise throughout the entire park. You can buy almost any Harry Potter souvenir imaginable, ranging from house scarves to books to the Marauder's Map.
Filch's Emporium
In the novels, Dervish & Banges is a shop in Hogsmeade that specializes the selling and repairing of magical instruments.
In the Wizarding World of Harry Potter, the shop serves mainly as a smaller version of Filch's Emporium. It sells items that can also be bought at the Emporium but also offer a nice range of products from deluxe brooms, scarves, Sneakoscopes, Quidditch balls and Hogwarts robes.
Dervish and Banges
The Owl Post
Zonko's Joke Shop
Located near Dervish & Banges and Ollivander's Wand Shop. The exit from Ollivander's is located near an opening to the Owl Post, so people are also able to purchase wands without having to watch the show at Ollivanders.
The main appeal of the Owl Post in the Wizarding World of Harry Potter is to send mail with a Hogsmeade postmark. You are also able to purchase official stamps from the WWOHP
The largest store in WWOHP, located near the entrance to the park. It is connected to Honeyduke's Sweet Shop
Merchandise available includes:
Pygmy Puffs (with included naming ceremony
Fanged Flyers
Extendable Ears
Nosebleed Nougats
Fainting Fancies
Screaming YO-YO's
Joke Egg
Inflatable Tongues
Boxing Telescopes
Fever Fudge
When purchasing a pygmy puff at Zonko's Joke Shop, the shopkeeper rings a bell to announce that one has been sold. They also announce the name given to the bought pygmy puff
The only interactive shop in the WWOHP. It runs on a 25 minute time for each show, allowing about 30 muggles to enter the shop. One muggle is chosen at random to have the wand choose them.
The shop works with the premise of "The Wand Chooses the Wizard," because it really does! Through a series of tests, the lucky muggle gets to watch their wand choose them with the aid of a wandmaker. On the third try, the wand usually chooses them.
Typically, if a younger child is present in the show, they will be chosen for by the wandmaker.
Ollivander's Wand Shop
Those unlucky muggles who are not chosen by the wandmaker have the option of buying a large variety of wands after the show. There are wands with various materials that can be bought based off the buyer's birthday or they can choose a character wand.
What about the unlucky Muggles?
Character Wands for purchase include Harry POtter, Hermione Granger, Ron Weasley, Lord Voldemort, Professor Dumbledore, Professor McGonagall, Draco Malfoy, Professor Snape, Sirius Black, Ginny Weasley, Professor LUpin, Fred & George Weasley, Narcissa Malfoy, Luna Lovegood, Neville Longbottom & the Triwizard Champions.
The shopkeepers working in Ollivander's are experts on the wands. They help you choose the right character wand, including giving advice on the proper way to use the wand. They did this when I bought Sirius Black's wand!
Honeyduke's Sweet Shop
Sweet shop located next to Zonko's Joke shop, near the entrance to the park.
You are able to purchase items such as Chocolate Frogs (which have the four founders of Hogwarts & Albus Dumbledore for cards), Sugar Quill Lollipops, Bertie Botts Every Flavor Beans, Acid Pops, Cauldron Cakes, Fizzing Whizzbees, exploding bonbons & treacle fudge
You are also able to purchase regular chocolate and fudge!
... small
The Three Broomsticks
* Rotisserie-smoked chicken
* Chargrilled ribs
* Turkey legs
* Fish and chips
* Shepherd’s pie
* Cornish pasties
* Potato leek soup
* Split pea soup
* Ham soup
I Hope There's Pudding
* Deep-dish apple pie
* Chocolate-berry trifle
* Strawberry peanut butter ice cream
We have all read the books and
compared every detail to the movies.
Now let's compare the Park!!
Rowling and the cast on The Wizarding world of Harry Potter
Book I
"The narrow path had opened suddenly onto the edge of a great black lake. Perched a top a high mountain on the other side, it's windows sparkling in the starry sky, was a vast castle with many turrens and towers"
"Hogsmeade looked like a Christmas card; the little thatched cottages and shops were all covered in a layer of wreaths on the doors and strings of enchanted candles hanging in the trees."
"There they visited zonko's which was so packed with students Harry had to exercise great care not to tread on anyone. There were jokes and tricks to fulfill even Fred and George's wildest dreams;...pockets bulging with dungbombs, hiccups and sweets, frog spawn soap and a nose biting teacup a piece."
There were shelves upon shelves of the most succulent- looking sweets imaginable, creamy chunks of nougat, shimmering pink squars of cocunut ice, fat, honey-colored toffees, hundreds of different kinds of chocolate in neat rows; there was a large panel of Bertie Botts every flavor beans, and another of Fizzing Whizbees, the levitating sherbert balls that ron had mentioned; along yet another wall were "special effects" sweet; Droobles Bist blowing gum... strange, splintery toothflossing stringments, tiny black pepper imps..., ice mice,.... peppermint cream shaped like toads... fragile, sugar-spun quils, and exploding bonbons.
Hog's Head Inn
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