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Motivation Case Study: Starbucks

No description

Ping A

on 4 October 2012

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Transcript of Motivation Case Study: Starbucks

Starbucks Coffee Company Motivation Case Study Starbucks Coffee Company •The most famous chain of retailed
coffee shop around the world with
4000 branches worldwide Starbucks All staffs are treated equally

Everyone, whatever position they are in,
is called “partner”

Narrow the gap between manager and employee

Have them co-work in the basic level on the
front line

Allow them to have closer relationships which contribute to warm working atmosphere Equal Treatments Organize communication channels for employees Listen to employees Offer great deal of welfare Good Welfare Measure •Known for its customer service
and employee satisfaction •Low employee turnover rate and
high profit performance
Manager plan working schedule for each worker, according to their wants and needs There are weekly interview to see the employees’ needs
Employees are encouraged to join in the making and developing company’s plans Commodities for discount Allow them to have the same goal
(This promotes the employees to work harder to increase the company’s sales to receive more profits from the company) Medical insurance (health, vision, dental)
Vacations Partners who work more than 20 hours a week receive stock dividends with free script issues Motivation Case Study Techniques of motivating
employee: o Equal treatments No limitations on opinions Company's policies are suggested by
employees - to create an ultimate
mutual goal for everyone
in the company
o Listen to employee

o Good welfare measures Conclusion In conclusion, the rapid growing branches of Starbucks together with its low employee turnover rates has shown that motivation is one of the most important key in driving the success of the company. This is in contrast to the idea of classical management which only focuses about production but overlooked employee's opinions
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