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Krashen's Monitor Model - SLA

No description

David Mournighan

on 6 February 2013

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Transcript of Krashen's Monitor Model - SLA

The effectiveness of two comprehensible-input
approaches to foreign language instruction
at the intermediate level Background Theory Krashen's Monitor Model -Acquisition-Learning Hypothesis -Monitor Hypothesis -Affective Filter Hypothesis The Experiment Subjects: Intermediate L2 Students of Spanish Pedagogical Method Comparison Study: Traditional
Reading Only
Reading and Discussion The Classes Reading Intensive Assigned Readings
Self-selected Readings
Retrospective Reports
Advisement (Comprehensible input and Acquisition-focused) Results: Reading Traditional Reading & Discussion Cloze Grammar Vocabulary Score improvement across the semester by test and by class 11.5% 13.36% 3% 2.4% 10% 3.33% 5.17% 8.4% Victoria Rodrigo
Stephen Krashen
Barry Gribbons ("Learning"-based) Traditional Reading
Intensive Reading and
Discussion Reading and Discussion (Comprehensible input; output and Acquisition-focused) Discussion
Assigned Readings
Oral presentation -3% The Tests... Vocabulary Cloze Grammar Multiple Choice Timeframe: One semester Perro Gato Ser Falda Delantal Joyero Marinero Gastado Cropidor Gostrada Cúlil What aspect(s) of traditional SLA methodology resulted in its students comparatively poorer performance and deterred language acquisition? Why did their mean grammar score decrease? How would you fare in a second language course with no error correction and no explicit, evaluative testing procedures? Note that the study was performed on intermediate level students.
Do you think each method would be as, more, or less successful for beginner students? And for advanced students? Or can you... with comprehensible input-based language education? Quasi-experiment? Number of eligible students for evaluation?! You can lead a horse to water,
but you can't make it drink. Traditional Grammar instruction
Intensive Passage Reading for Comprehension and Study
Error correction
Vocabulary memorization
Quizzes and Exams Variables between classes?! Graduate student instructor?! Experimental groups primed?! Works Cited
Payne, Mark. "Exploring Stephen Krashen’s ‘i + 1’ Acquisition Model in the Classroom." Elsevier (3011): n. pag. 28 July 2011. Web. 3 Feb. 2013.
Rodrigo, Victoria, Stephen Krashen, and Barry Gribbons. "The Effectiveness of Two Comprehensible-input Approaches to Foreign Language Instruction at the Intermediate Level." (n.d.): n. pag. Elsevier. Web. 3 Feb. 2013. <www.elsevier.com/locate/system>.
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