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Analyzing 'I will fight no more, forever.'

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Kassidy Tingle

on 13 September 2015

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Transcript of Analyzing 'I will fight no more, forever.'

His Premises
The Chief used different techniques in his speech such as repetition and imagery. He uses 'I am' and 'I' a lot to make it clear that
believes they need to surrender. He uses imagery by listing all that has gone wrong and all the bad things that have happened. His techniques in his speech help get his point across and end the fight.
Points of Emphasis
His Point of View
From Chief Joseph's point of view, they are losing. Everything is going wrong and they need to surrender to the U.S. Army and try to help the remaining survivors. With everything That has happened I agree with him that they needed to just stop fighting. Everyone was dying, the young were taking over, etc. They needed to surrender.
Use of Rhetoric
Joseph's speech was meaningful in how devastated he was and how sad it is that this tribe is being destroyed and they are losing everything. It is also purposeful in trying to end this fight and surrender before there is nothing/nobody left and try to help the few survivors. His speech was successful in trying to be meaningful and purposeful, and he persuaded and got the fight to end.
Target Audience
Analyzing 'I will fight no more, forever.'
Supporting Evidence
Joseph's evidence for his claim, that they needed to surrender, was that: the leaders are now dead and the young are taking over, everyone is dying, and he is tired of this fighting. His evidence proves that it was time for them to give up. I believe, given this support, his claim was right.
The Stance
Chief Joseph's stance is that they are losing terribly and it is time to surrender and help the survivors. He is devastated at the loss of his tribe but there is no more they can do. From here on out he will never fight again. I think he had the right idea in surrendering because of his losses.
The 3 main points Chief Joseph talks about are...
the young are now taking over
people are dying
he is devastated and will no longer fight
These 3 main points help support his main claim that they need to stop, and surrender the fight. His points of emphasis get the main point across for his speech.
His Word Choice
Chief Joseph's simple and short sentences shows an honest and straightforward tone. He is devastated about his tribe being destroyed and losing the land. He doesn't want to give up but its too late. He needs to surrender and try to help the few survivors from his people. He uses a devastated and defeated voice. He also shows a lot of emotion towards his loss and for his people. He leaves an impact on the audience and hits their emotions. It persuades the fight to stop and persuades the Nez Pierce to help their survivors.
Joseph's premises are everything that has happened during this 5 day fight, all the bad things that have happened to his people. After the large amount of deaths from his people, he decided to surrender to the U.S. His premises are a good reason for his stance, with all that had gone wrong, the Nez Pierce needed to surrender.
Chief Joseph is talking to his people, the Nez Pierce, and the U.S. Army, who they have been fighting for 5 days. Joseph's tribe has been hit hard and he would rather surrender and help his children than continue fighting. He was letting the U.S know they were done and surrendering and letting his tribe know that they need to stop and help each other (the few survivors).
"From where the sun now stands, i will fight no more forever"
Chief Joseph uses very simple vocabulary and diction which shows his heartache in having to surrender the lands. He pauses for emotion and for his audience to take in what he is saying. His word choice is affective in making an impact on emotions and getting you to understand his stance.
By: Kassidy Tingle
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