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Abrahamic Faiths Venn Diagram

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My Nguyen

on 17 April 2014

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Transcript of Abrahamic Faiths Venn Diagram

1.The largest religion in the world.
2.Founded by Jesus.
3.Place founded in Palestine.
4.From A.D. 30 to A.D. 33, Jesus traveled throughout Judaea and Galilee, the region in north of Judaea, preaching his idea.
5.They worship at church.
6.They use Greek as their language.
7.The Christian reading Bible (Jewish Bible+ New Testament).
8.The Christian also believed in one God is comprised of three persons: the Father, the Son, Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit. This doctrine is called The Trinity.
9. Mean salvation: correct belief, faith, good deeds, sacraments (some Protestants emphasize faith alone).
10. Good afterlife: eternal heaven
11. Bad afterlife: eternal hell.
1.The second largest religion in the world.
2.Founded by Muhammad.
3.Place founded in Saudi Arabia.
4.In A.D. 610, Muhammad was receive the prophetic call, and in A.D. 622 Muslims made the first year of a new Muslim calendar.
5.They worship at Mosques.
6.Arabic is the language of Islam.
7.Muslims read and follow Qur'an.
8.Believe in one God, and they believed in Allah.
9.Mean salvation: correct belief, good deeds, Five Pillars.
10.Good afterlife: eternal paradise
11.Bad afterlife: eternal hell
1.The 12th largest religion in the world.
2.Founded by Moses or Abraham.
3.Place founded in Palestine.
4.Unknown what year was found.
5.They worship at synagogue.
6.They use Hebrew language.
7.They also reading and follow Bible.
8.They believed in one God, the name of the God is scarce.
9.Mean of salvation: Belief in God, good deeds.
10.Good afterlife: view vary- either heaven, or no afterlife.
11.Bad afterlife: views vary- either eternal Gehenna, reincarnation, or no afterlife
The religion believed in one
God, which are called monotheism; they believe mean of salvation are belief in God and good deeds; they believe about the afterlife

The religion believed in
one God; reading and
follow Bible; Place was
founded in Palestine; mean of
salvation are correct belief and
good deeds.
The religion believed
in one God; they believe salvation are correct belief and good deeds;
they also believe about afterlife.
The religion believed in one God; reading and follow about some rules or books was written basic on their religion prophet; believe about afterlife; they also believe in the same mean of salvation.
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