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Garden to Cafeteria: Takeaways from the Fall 2015 Pilot

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Moriah Maternoski

on 6 April 2016

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Transcript of Garden to Cafeteria: Takeaways from the Fall 2015 Pilot

Garden to Cafeteria: Takeaways from the Fall 2015 Pilot
Roosevelt High

with SPARK-Y, an outside org. focused on youth aquaponics education
an after school program
RUF Squad - Roosevelt Urban Farm Squad
with existing classes at the school to support the garden (shop class)
Pay attention to
food safety aspect
produce in spot where it is least likely to have contamination

Howe Elementary

for harvesting & maintenance - announce during lunch
Garden Champions
One person loosens the soil and another harvests
harvesting steps into 5 clear steps to discuss before starting
individual signs on the salad bar plastic area to advertise specific G2C produce
a high ratio of adults to students for supervision (5:1)

Anthony Middle School
a school-wide germination event that prepares all of the seeds for the upcoming season + school wide garden tour
with Special-Ed classrooms (strategic placement)
Lots of support staff, hands on teaching and flexible curriculum
with a local restaurant (Pizzeria Lola)
School = source of funding & maintenance help
Restaurant = connects with community + uses summer & extra produce
with a master gardener & don’t make assumptions about the status of an existing garden
Anwatin Middle School
family planning classes with the garden
the deans in garden because they announce what is for lunch
a harvesting contest to see who can pick the most pounds
Kirsten Saylor, Garden Manager at Howe:

"Howe's garden to cafeteria site elevated the garden to have legitimacy and support from principals and other teachers"

"I'm learning as I go. I'm not a "master gardener and I came in knowing little. I just like to be outside"

"I think it's cool as a teacher to bring students outside. It felt right to me"
Dan Magnuson , Garden Manager at Anthony:

"The middle school students here don't know what fruits and veggies actually are. They
OJ is a fruit. Garden to cafeteria programs are another way for me to communicate where their food comes from and what healthy food is"
"As a lunchroom coordinator, I want to be more connected and invested in the program so I know what to say to students"
Christine, Lunchroom Coordinator at Anwatin:
Meaningful Pride
Validity and purpose
Student responsibility in providing for fellow students
Powerful to see where food comes from
Baby vs. Regular Carrots Phenomena
Vegetables CAN be split! (split tomatoes)
Total harvested: 65 lbs
Total harvested: 124 lbs
Total harvested: 125 lbs
Rhi, Program Lead from SPARK-Y:

“The kids love the after school program. The two-three students that come back consistently are really excited and students that come once are still engaged. It’s a different and really important kind of learning”
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