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No description

InCite Performance Group

on 5 November 2018

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Transcript of SECOND PLACE

"Second place is the first loser"
"You will have a 100% closing
rate in your sales career. 100%
of the time you will either convince
someone to do business with you,
or you will convince them to do
business with someone else."
"Only one person gets paid
when competing for business."
"Close only counts in horseshoes and hand grenades."
Leadville 100 Competitors

A. Everything possible
B. Minimum Available

1. Do Your Best Every Time
2. Find the Edge
3. Be Compelling... not just "nice to have"
4. Give them words to say
5. Be the "Hardest No"
6. Tell stories to make it real
7. USE Riskap! It will work!
You were not as good as competition!
You Didn't Give them The Words to say.
You didn't create Powerless, Chaos, Confusion
You Look Like Everyone Else but "YOU" are better...
You have Stuff and they Don't have Pain
You convinced them you are a very viable option...
if they ever needed to change.
do I get
but no
Common Attributes of Sales Teams who get 2nd

1. Same Method of selling

2. Showing your Stuff you offer

3. Quoting Insurance (commodity)

4. Logos, relationship start, designations,
markets, service.

5. Focus on Insurance design or Value Add
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