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Martin Van Buren

No description

Madeleine Student

on 15 June 2016

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Transcript of Martin Van Buren

After Presidency
after being a president I retired to my Kinderhook estate
I wrote my one autobiography
I continued to be active in politics
in 1862 I died at age 79 and was buried in the Kinderhook cemetery
in 1832 I married my cousin and childhood sweet heart, Hannah Hoes
we had four sons
two of my kids later decided to serve in my cabinet.
Hannah died of tuberculosis in 1819
Being President
on March 4, 1837 I became the eighth president of the United States
I was president for one term (1837-1841)
I faced many challenges while in office
the biggest challenge was a financial crisis
When I ran for a second term, I lost because people thought lost faith in me.
I was born December 5, 1782in Kinderhook, New York
I was the first president born in the United States
my parents were Abraham and Maria Buren
my father worked on a farm but he also ran a tavern which often served as a political meeting place, which is how I was first exposed to politics
Martin Van Buren

Before Becoming President
in 1812 I was elected to the first of my two terms of New York State Senator
it was at the end of my second term being a senator that Hannah died
I helped get Andrew Jackson elected by creating a new political party that became known as the Democratic Party
in 1829 I became Andrew Jackson's Secretary of State
Financial Crisis
The 7th President, Andrew Jackson, left office with the beginning of a financial mess
I tried to fix it by transferring federal funds to state banks federal funds between banks but the banks failed
many people lost their jobs, land, and homes
because I couldn't overcome the financial crisis I was nicknamed Martin Van "Ruin"
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