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Kiehl's Marketing Plan

No description

Chui Yun Ong

on 17 June 2016

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Transcript of Kiehl's Marketing Plan

Kiehl's Marketing Plan
About Kiehl's
Marketing Mix Elements
Packaging Strategy
Partnership Strategy
Multichannel Strategy
Mission of Kiehl's
“It has long been our honor to serve our patrons to the utmost of our abilities and to do what we can to

improve the lives of Kiehl’s customers
in the communities we share.”
Product Strategy
Natural Ingredients:
Lightly Scented for Relaxation:
Functions & Benefits:
control shine, last for 6-hours
hydration for face-refreshing
Pricing Strategy
RM60 for 1 box (100 sheets)
Distribution Strategy
Kiehl's Outlet
sample given by CSR
Promotion Strategy
Create awareness through:
Word of mouth
Packaging strategy
Partnership strategy
Marketing Communication
Black Faux-leather Case
Medal Gold Case
Collaborate with Harley-Davidson Motorcycle Company through:
Ask limited Model for in-store display purpose
Suggestion for Distribution Kiehl's Products through:
Retail Store
Company Website
Direct Personal Communication
Kiehl’s Shine-free Hydration Blotting Sheet
Present by:
SWOT Analysis
Natural Ingredients
Advanced Research
Masculine Packaging
Superior Customer Service
Unique Selling Positioning
Low Advertising
Unit Price
Unrecognizable Packaging
Increase of Priority of Male Hygiene & Appearance
Customers aware of Environment-friendly
Growing Geography Opportunity
High Number of Male Customers
Strength of Competitors
Not as Well Known in Asia
Kiehl's Promotional Campaign
The brand will launch an engaging campaign that has environmental based roots.

The name of the campaign will be
"Kiehl's Grow"

{With the slogan “Kieh's Grow”}
Market Analysis
(Research Sources: Beauty and Personal Care: Euromonitor from trade sources/national statistics)

Men’s Grooming Market Share in 2012
Customer Analysis
(Research Sources: Men’s Grooming Segmentation Report 2013 by L’Oreal USA)

Men's Skincare Segmentation
Kiehl's Consumer Analysis
Charity of Choice
The campaign will be a cause-related form of marketing, joining with the Malaysian environmental charity the

“Global Environment Center”

Benefits :
Brings awareness and support to the non-profit organization
Helps contribute to Kiehl’s legacy of charity work

Promotion Techniques
Benefits :
Customer Engagement
Follows the sampling culture that Kiehl’s implements
Allows immediate testing of product, which can generate direct sales

Promotion will include design of unique “Kiehl’s Trees” in and around stores which the new Shine-free Blotting Papers will replace the leafs
Other Promotion
Because Kiehl’s does not use paid media or spokespeople other promotion of Kiehl's Grow will include :
Customizing website homepage to a forest theme, highlighting new product
Social Media (Facebook, Twitter)
YouTube Videos promoting GEC projects

Public Relations
Internal Public Relations
Kiehl’s Customer Service Representatives
Retail Expierience

External Public Relations
Word of Mouth

Digital Communication
Facebook and Twitter
YouTube Channel
Q-R Codes
Future Market Size Forecast
Customer's Characteristic
Upper middle class
Live in town
Concern their appearance
Customer's Expectation
Want Effective, Reliable, High-performance products with recognized quality
Personalized advises build long-term relation of trust
Competitor Analysis
Action Program
Launch of Shine-free Hydrating Blotting Sheet
Launch of "Kiehl's Grow"
Environmental Design in Stores
Eco-friendly focus of Website Homepage
First Year (2014)
Second Year (2015)
Marketing will focus on shifting towards environmentally friendly packaging
Reusable Kiehl's take-away bags, designed with Kiehl's unique art design.

Five Year Projections: 2014-2018
Pro Forma Profit-and-Loss Statement for Kiehl’s Company
Five Year Projections for the Kiehl’s Company Revenue: 2014-2018
A cosmetics brand from USA
Original brands of The Estee Lauder Companies.
Origins Men’s skin care products
The Body Shop
The Western Malaysian operation includes more than 64 stores
The Body Shop International plc was founded in the UK, 1976
Over 2,500 stores in 61 countries, with a range of over 1,200 products
The Western Malaysian operation includes more than 64 stores

The Body Shop

The Body Shop Men’ Skin Care Products
Marketing Strategy
Kiehl’s Shine-Free Hydration Blotting
Target Market:
Men between ages of 25-44 years old
Characteristics :
Trendy innovators (stylish)
Affluent adopters (professional)
Active lifestyles
Points of Difference
Natural ingredients
Consultant services
Convenience packaging
Attractive packaging design
Amanda Oler
Ng Bee Yin
Nur Liyana Binti Muhamad Ridzwan
Ong Chui Yun
Marketing Element
Positioning Strategy
Tagline is “
Shine your life, fresh your face

Kiehl’s introduced strong masculinity design on the package
In-store activities
Digital signage
Harley-Davidson motorcycle in-store display
Attractive window display
Online Activities
Online social network media
Geo-targeting service
Mobile video advertising
In-apps advertisements
Kiehl's mobile store
QR codes

(Research Sources: Beauty and Personal Care: Euromonitor from trade sources/national statistics)
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