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Serial Killers Presentation

psychology project

paulina aguais

on 27 April 2015

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Transcript of Serial Killers Presentation

Richard Trenton Chase
American who killed six people in span on one month in California
Nickname: Vampire of Sacramento
Drank victims' blood & cannibalism
Delusional, needed to prevent Nazis from turning his blood into powder via poison they planted beneath his soap dish
Aileen Wuornos
February 19, 1956

Father went to prison for rape charges, attempted murder of a 7 yr. old girl, & eventually committed suicide

Mother abandoned her and her brother when Aileen was 4 yrs. old
Jeffrey Dahmer
Serial Killer
Someone who murders more then three victims one at a time in a relatively short interval.
Serial Killer's Psyche
By: Giselle Austria, Alina Alexandria, & Paulina Aguais
Today's Killers:
Aileen Wuornos

Jeffrey Dahmer

Richard T. Chase
Schools Explored:


First murder was against a rapist
Names she went by:
Man-killers: Delves into the mindset of her
The New Predator: gives a basic psychological profile of the woman serial killer
Became pregnant at age 14 after rape from her grandfather's friend

Was kicked out of her home at age 15

Began prostitution, got a DUI, robbed, & full fledged violence before murder history
Dec. 29, he killed his first victim in a drive by shooting, Ambrose Griffin, 51 yr. old & father of two children
Next victim was Teresa Wallin. He has sex with the corpse and mutilated it, bathing in her blood
Jan. 27, committed final murders killing 4 people total, youngest being 22 months old
Once in prison, inmates tried to convince him to commit suicide
Dec. 26, a guard found Chase lying on his bed not breathing
Autopsy determined he committed suicide with an overdose of antidepressants he saved for the last few weeks
Confessions of a Serial Killer
Article Time with Alina
Shows development that lead to people becoming Serial Killers
Q & A
Feel free to ask questions!
Thank You!
Milwaukee native

Sex offender, short-time cannibal, molester and serial killer

As a child, he underwent surgery for a double hernia

this is recognized as the first point that caused a lack of self confidence, which heightened with the birth of his younger brother
His father's career caused the family to move to Ohio, where he had no friends at all

Around age 14 it was when he began to have obsessive thoughts of violence

His parents' marriage then began to fall apart and eventually ended in a divorce
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