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Enterprise social media and innovation processes

No description

gunjan singh

on 23 September 2012

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Transcript of Enterprise social media and innovation processes

Its not only technology, its a HUMAN tool... One size fits all? WHAT ? NO! Study the needs of your employees.

Context of their work.

Drivers and Aspirations. Enterprise Social Media Source for value creation,
capture unstructured tacit knowledge,
knowledge sharing and management. improving employee engagement improve employee engagement
participative decision making.
innovation facilitator client relationships.... SOCIAL MEDIA champions in each business unit/functional groups.
Take the best elements of public social networks and apply them to the special needs of the organisation. “Enterprise social networks” Every enterprise has distinct needs and nuances that require a reframing of a social network. HOW? The top management sets the example..
keeps it up and driving... Integrated not only into platforms, but into the flow of everyday work. One of the most important needs is.. An Enterprise social network should be: Let's see how social can enrich the innovation process inside a automobile company's design department. " We have to make a new concept car for the next motor show." Its going to be related personal mobility and I have to choose a core team of designers Let me check yammer and see whose talking about it... or just see if it interests anyone? "So Amit, Luc and Maria are ones who seem to have interesting and promising profiles and are inclined towards this topic. There previous record also seems fantastic. Let me connect them all and bounce ideas about this project." Enterprise Social Network could be actively used as a:

• global water cooler
• a place to share expertise and insights
• a tool for business development and project collaborations.
• a crowd sourcing medium.
• generator of by products like books, articles, trend reports, idea banks
• not just as a tool for marketing but creating a bridge between knowledge
management, thought leadership and research and development. Thank You Prototyping Updates Contacting suppliers and getting the best deal
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