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Spain's Culture

No description

Amy Waine

on 10 April 2018

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Transcript of Spain's Culture

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Spain's Culture,By:Gregory Wilson Jr.
Spain's customs and rituals have been practiced for hundreds of years.Spain is very serious with their rituals or how they do things.Spain also celebrates holidays way different than other countries.
Spain's rituals are mostly based of their religion.The most popular religion in Spain is Catholic.Other religions that are practiced in Spain include Islam,Judism,Protestantism,and Hinduism.
The spanish education is divided into four stages,two of which are compulsory:Nursery and Preschool.Compulsory is secondary education.Schoolingin Spain is state funded and is Compulsory between ages six-sixteen.
Spain loves food such as, Paela, Fabada Asturiana, and Patatas.Spain also loves meatballs.Spain has a large food variety.
Spain wheres spanish capes,corsets and Farthingales.Spain' traditional clothing basically came from the Moorish culture.Spain wheres lots of different clothing,that is one part that makes their culture unique.
Spain uses underground railways to get around places,they travel really fast with the underground railways.Spain also uses buses,and suburban train services to get places.Spain uses lots of different transportation devices to get around the world faster than just walking.
The law of Spain is the legislation in force in the kingdom of Spain.Also you can not go into their territory without permission or id.That means you probably need permission to go into other countries.
Major Cities
Spains biggest city is called Madrid Madrid with a population of 3,255,944 people.The tenth largest city in Spain is called Bilbao with a population os 359,860 people.And the second of the largest cities in Spain is called Barcelona with a population of 1,621,537 people.
Spain's national sport is soccer, or in Spain they call if football.Spain also likes many other sports' such as basketball and track. Spain has an outstanding soccer team.
Spain has lots of different art,such as the cave of Altamira,and The Aqueduct of Seqoua.Spain also has a unique statue of the bear and the strawberry tree.Spain is very unique when it comes to art.
Famous People
A famous person in Spain is Rafael Nadal. He is a Professional Tennis player.Spanish tennis great Rafael Nadal has won 16 Grand Slam titles, a record 10 French Open singles titles and is one of only two men to win all four majors and Olympic gold.
Spain's flag is red and orange,yellowish.With a king sign on it.Spain's flag is very unique.
Agricultural Age:
the plow, the wheel, harness, tools, irrigation systems, windmills, waterwheels, early winches and wedges, catapults, wine presses, levers and hoists used to amplify human and animal power
Industrial Age:
electromechanical machines, moving parts, belts, hoses, bearings, and bolts, interconnected systems, interchangable parts, the assembly line, steam engine, factories, industries, combustible engine, and the light bulb
Information Age:
computers including mainframes and personal computers, telecommunication, including fiber optics, robotics, fax machines and modems
Spain speaks lots of languages.The most common language is spanish.People who live in Spain are mostly hispanic.
Spain has a population of 41.54 million people living there.And an area of 505,990km2.Spain has a large population but it cant compare to America.
Spain uses Euros or Pesetas as their currency,so they could have a usual name for their money.
The Government of Spain is the central government. It leads the executive branch and the General State Administration of Spain.Spain's goverment kind of like America's but is different in many ways.
Spains native animals are Iberian Wolves.Spains othe native animal is Iberian Lynxes.The are the native animals because of there key location of bird who are migrating.
When it comes to money Spain does't have too much.And Spain doesn't have to little.Spain supports their athletes games and special occasions,by paying for the soccer field.
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